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Abbie Has Slammed Bella’s Edit On ‘The Bachelor’ As Double Standards

Abbie Chatfield has slammed the editing of The Bachelor, comparing how she was portrayed on her 2019 season to the hero edit that Bella Varelis has received this year.

On Wednesday night’s episode, Bella continued to get the wifey edit which was especially evident when she and Locky Gilbert kissed at the cocktail party, despite the other woman being just around the corner.

Their kiss was accompanied by fairytale music and Abbie took to her Instagram stories to point out the similarities between that scene and last year’s cocktail party scene where she and Matt kissed, though last year it was portrayed as something to be frowned upon.

“We can’t choose our edits but I find [Bella’s kiss with Locky] really interesting. It also happened in our season as well when Helena kissed Matt in the orchard in a red dress with red lipstick on. It was like cute and quirky,” she said, before saying when she kissed Matt villainous music often played in the background.

Abbie makes a valid point. Both herself and Bella were the obvious frontrunners in their respective seasons but were depicted very differently. In the scene Abbie is referring to, Bella approaches Locky despite knowing it would upset the other women, they then kiss in secret, and in a separate piece to camera, Bella says “It’s the best feeling ever and all the girls don’t matter.” If Abbie said this last year, it would have arguably been edited as a snarky remark.

The whole scene would have likely played out much differently if Abbie did the same thing and would have been backed with sinister music playing. “Music really changes things,” Abbie added in her Instagram story.

She went on to say she saw similar editing favouritism on The Bachelorette. “Even Timm kissed Angie [at the cocktail party] and I think he lied to the boys about it (again, there’s nothing fuck*ing wrong with this) but he didn’t get shit for it. Everyone thought it was cute.”

Abbie said she would not be tuning in again this year. “I’m not going to watch this season [of The Bachelor] because it’s honestly triggering me and it’s taking me back a year.”