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The Bachy Ladies Have No Idea What Matt’s Job Is In The Latest Promo

Picking an astrophysicist to star in The Bachelor, rather than another celeb or a PT that could double as a model, was always going to cause a bit of a stir.

As seen in the last week’s promo, it appears that the contestants not quite understanding what an astrophysicist is will clearly be a recurring joke this season.

The first season teaser introduced us to Abbie, who somehow thought Matt said he was an astrologer and hilarity ensued as she replied, “I’m a Gemini”. The clip soon went viral and was even retweeted by Modern Family star Sarah Hyland.

In the latest promo we see the women debriefing over what exactly Matt’s job is. As one girl struggles to wrap her mouth around the term “astrophysicist”, another hits back, saying “It sounds like a fake job.” This season is already exceeding all expectations.

Watch the women discuss what TF an astrophysicist is in the latest The Bachelor promo below:

We have also been gifted another promo introducing us to Chelsea, a chemical engineer, who gets Matt to stick a temporary tattoo to his chest. The tattoo is of an oxytocin structure, which is apparently a love chemical. It’s all very nerdy but tbh I’m eating it up.

Meet chemical engineer Chelsea below:

We’re expecting the premiere date for the new season will be dropped very soon.

Please put us out of our misery. I beg of you.