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The Rumoured 2021 Celebrity Bachelor Has Apparently Already Been Sacked

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The rumoured identity of The Bachelor has been leaked and it’s a familiar face.

According to the So Dramatic! podcast, I’m A Celebrity’s resident fuckboi Ash Williams was in line for the Bachy honours. It makes sense, as putting him on another Network 10 show before The Bachelor is a smart way to familiarise him with viewers. This was how Angie Kent went from Googlebox star to The Bachelorette — by first featuring in the 2019 season of I’m A Celebrity.

However, according to podcast host Megan Pustetto, plans for Williams to be the 2021 Bachelor have apparently been axed in light of recent allegations. Last week, Williams was charged with recording an intimate image without consent. In light of these charges, Pustetto claims that “Channel 10 made the decision to dump him and cancel his Bachelor contract.”

A source who is close to Williams told the host, “He’s been in talks for years to be The Bachelor, but he’s never been successful in securing the role. Last year he was in the final stages, as well, but was beaten by Locky [Gilbert]. And it was the same the year before with Matt [Agnew]. I’m a Celebrity was a way for Channel 10 to slowly introduce him to audiences and gauge their reaction to him. They thought he would be well-liked, however with these charges their whole plan has backfired,” they said.

“Not only has Channel 10 dumped him as The Bachelor, but they’ve also cut ties with him completely….they are even not including him in social media posts. He is being completely banished. They want nothing to do with him. He’s been ghosted by Channel 10.”

This news comes as Williams has struggled to find many fans on I’m A Celebrity, with viewers most recently offended over how he spoke about fellow campmate Abbie Chatfield.

We have reached out to Network 10 regarding Pustetto’s claims and they released the following statement:

“Will Ash Williams alpaca his things and exit the Aussie jungle to become The Bachelor 2021? He certainly seems to have the koalafications! While we would never confirm nor deny if his jungle cachet will see him don a tux and hit the red carpet, it is obvious to viewers that he’s caught the attention of some of the single ladies in the Aussie jungle where it could be argued he’s currently the real MEB (Most Eligible Bachelor).”

Listen to the full episode of So Dramatic! here.