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All The Spicy Rumours Surrounding ‘The Bachelor’ Finale

Welcome to finale week of The Bachelor! We started following adventure man and Australian Survivor alum Locky Gilbert’s quest for love in August, and this Thursday night he’s set to drop the big L bomb to his chosen winner… and well, the runner-up as well by the looks of the promo.

It’s rare we see the Bachy confess their love to someone until that very moment at the end, where the violins play, and someone is swung around wildly, gentle tears dripping off their face. But fans of the show knew we were in for a messy season when an early promo showed Locky torn over his final decision because he was in love with two girls.

“You don’t break up with someone you love,” he sadly stated.

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From the get-go, those rumoured girls have been Irena Srbinovska and Bella Varelis, and we’re inclined to believe that these two ladies will be the final two come Thursday. Apologies Izzy and Bec.

We’ve rounded up some of the hot rumours surrounding The Bachelor finale.

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1. Locky picked Bella, she rejected him, then he begged for Irena to take him back.

A rumour flew around in Facebook groups a couple of weeks back that Locky picked Bella, but Bella couldn’t be with him when he openly admitted to being in love with two women — so she rejected his decision. This left a heartbroken Locky to then go back and beg Irena to end up with him.

Is it true? We doubt it, but it’d make some hectic TV if so!

2. Locky picks someone but is now single.

We’ll go into Locky being a bit of a naughty boy down the list, but most Bachy fans think Locky does declare his love to Bella or Irena, but the relationship doesn’t last beyond the show. Before the season’s premiere, Locky told Punkee he was still with the winner and very much in love… but that was at the start of August. A lot can happen in a few weeks!

3. Locky picks Irena and they’re still together, despite being locked down in different states.

The proof? As reported by The Wash, Irena’s brother is following Locky on Instagram and is the only family member from the top four choices to be following him.

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4. Locky’s relationship with the winner is “rocky” after his lockdown antics.

Megan Pustetto from the So Dramatic! podcast has been spilling the tea for weeks now and has got all the scoops on Locky’s naughty lockdown adventures. The latest episode has TikToker Claire Lucinda speaking out after Locky slid into her DMs before AND during the show.

New Idea has reported the winner confronted Locky about his antics and isn’t happy. “It’s understandable she was upset really. No woman wants to find out her boyfriend has been flirting with other women,” a source said.

5. The relationship will last approximately 3 months after the finale airs.

Given the chaos of Locky’s lockdown antics, being in different states, and what it’ll be like to watch the show back and see Locky repeat the same sentiments to women, we predict the couple may last a total of three months.

Please note that’s not confirmed whatsoever by any unknown sources, that’s just us throwing our prediction out there!

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