Rumoured ‘Bachelor’ Finalist Holly Kingston Responds To “MAGA” Instagram Post

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We’re only one episode into The Bachelor 2021 and already we have a winner tipped and a brand new controversy surrounding that person. Ahh, what would we do without this show?

If you’re all caught up on the premiere, you know that last night Jimmy met all of his potential new girlfriends and some caught his attention more than others: Jay got the key to the business lounge, Brooke won Jimmy over with a Sri Lankan love cake, Lily dropped in from a crane, and Holly made a huge impression at her makeshift wine bar.

Holly Kingston, aka wine bar lady, is now tipped to take out the top spot (or Jimmy’s heart rather, this isn’t a game!) on most betting sites. And we hate to say it, but those betting sites are usually pretty damn accurate when it comes to predicting the final winner.

However as some Bachy fans spotted last night, a post has been lurking on Holly’s Instagram which isn’t exactly… a great look.

If you need a refresher, MAGA is the slogan used by Donald Trump in his 2016 presidential campaign. The ‘Make America Great Again’ phrase is loaded and linked to racism and white supremacy in the United States.

We reached out to Network 10 and Holly for a response in regards to the Instagram post and Holly had this to say:

“The comment I made on my Instagram caption from 2018 which made reference to US politics, was made in jest and with complete sarcasm intended. It’s fairly evident I use satire a lot on my social media platforms. This comment in no way, shape or form is an accurate representation of my political beliefs.”

Currently the contestants’ Instagrams are being handled by a third party, in a move to protect them from online trolling. The move was praised by former Bachelor world alumni Abbie Chatfield and Georgia Love.