The Bachelor Jed McIntosh Spoils Bachelor Ending Reality TV

Someone Lock Up Jed, Because Apparently He Spoiled ‘The Bachelor’ Ending

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As you know, The Bachelor will be returning at some point… hopefully, this year… with three Bachelors stepping into the role. But a source has claimed that one of these eligible bachelors spoiled the ending after they met them at a Sydney club. Can you take a stab at which one?

JED MCINTOSH. FKN JED. Allegedly, the tatted Bachy was attending a soiree at Sussudio Potts Point, where he was seen “approaching girls.”

An insider told Yahoo! that Jed looked “single”. “It was really weird he was there on his own, he told us he was waiting for his mates but no one came. We left at around 3am, and he was still there on his own. It’s as if he just went out to meet people,” the source said.


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The source also mentioned that they had asked about Jed’s time on The Bachelor, and he replied saying his time on the reality TV show was a “good experience” but “couldn’t confirm” if he truly found love.

Personally being alone at a club kinda gives me single vibes BUT that’s just speculation, amirite?

Jed has previously been in hot water after old misogynistic Facebook posts from him were brought to light after it was announced that he would be joining the reality TV dating show.

The Bachelo Jed McIntosh Spoils Bachelor Ending Reality TV

The drummer responded to these posts, telling The Daily Telegraph, “These posts are from over 10 years ago, and I don’t have any recollection of making them. Anyone who knows me knows this is not who I am.”

The Bachelor hasn’t received a definite air date but we can’t wait to see what real drama the show will offer.