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Someone Was Actually Booted From Bachy Over That “Dog C**t” Comment & Viewers Are Divided

Hi. Hello. How are you? On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, a contestant was asked to leave the mansion because she had called Matt Agnew a…”dog c**t”.

This is really happening. What a time to be alive.

The juiciest part is that many of the girls reckon it was Abbie who manipulated the entire situation to get rid of Monique, who apparently said the comment as a joke. The tea is piping.

Before the blow-up, Sogand said in a private interview, “I’m actually pretty pissed off with Abbie. For her to take something that was said in private, not in front of Matt, and take it back to him because apparently she cares about him. I call bullshit.”

“Abbie has done this to get attention and I hope Matt can just see through the lines.”

When Matt rocked up at the cocktail party, he quickly whisked Monique away. Their convo started off with Monique thanking our Bachy for giving her a rose despite the drama but she continued to deny she had said the alleged comments. Eventually Matt snapped and told her: “I think it’s for the best that you leave the mansion.”

After Matt walked Monique to the car, she had a few harsh words for Abbie, throwing some exit shade in the limo. “I bet you Abbie will start crying, play the victim card,” she said.  “She’s just so messed up, honestly like on so many levels. I just hope she gets help or grows out of it, maybe. There’s no point in reasoning with an idiot.” It was pretty savage.

Some viewers are on Abbie’s side:

But others reckon Abbie might be a low-key snake:

What can I say? It’s all fun and game until someone calls the Bachelor a dog c**t.