Angie Has Chosen Her Winner On ‘The Bachelorette’ & Everyone’s A Bit Shook

Angie Kent’s quest to find love has come to a close, and she’s found her fairytale ending with Carlin Sterritt.

Carlin was a frontrunner from the start, winning the 24-hour rose on the first episode, giving him the first single date with Angie.

carlin yellow rose the bachelorette

His time on the show was not without drama – his intentions were questioned numerous times. Contestant Jamie Doran was the first to call him out to Angie, stating that Carlin was there to be the 2020 Bachelor and raise his profile.

Carlin’s brother then threw him under the bus at hometowns when he told Angie that Carlin was still pursuing an acting career, something Carlin had failed to bring up to Angie previously.

Things looked shaky after hometowns for Carlin, but he and Angie managed to sort it out and Angie referred to their romance being like a “movie” in the second-last episode of The Bachelorette, saying they had fought but managed to find their way back to each other.

After saying goodbye to runner-up Timm Hanly, Angie finally told Carlin tonight that she was “falling in love with him” and he professed his love back to her, sealing it with a promise ring.

Australia’s hearts broke for Timm while we all remained, well, kinda shook about Angie’s decision to choose Carlin if we’re being completely honest.

carlin angie bachelorette

A lot of people did not see that ending coming:

Others supported her choice:

But at least Angie and Carlin have found their happiness: