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Rumour Has It ‘Bachelorette’ Fave Konrad Is In Line To Be The Next Bachelor

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He’s already got every fan of The Bachelorette falling in love with him after he steals every scene on the show, so it seems like almost a no-brainer for Konrad Bien-Stephens to be in the running to be the next Bachelor.

From Konrad’s adorable red carpet entrance building Brooke Blurton a love seat, to his cute spa date, and then recent turn as Queen Kiki in the Mardi Gras challenge, this quirky carpenter is unlike any contestant we’ve seen on the reality show.

And now that we’re pretty sure he doesn’t win Brooke Blurton’s heart (especially after he was spotted kissing Abbie Chatfield), Konrad is primed to take up the position as the 2022 Bachelor. In the latest episode of the So Dramatic! podcast, a fellow Bachelorette contestant is claiming that Konrad was treated differently to the other contestants and was the “producer’s favourite”.

In response to whether Konrad being papped kissing Abbie would be in breach of this contract, they said “I bet producers make an exception for Konrad breaching his contract and still give him his bonus.” It’s been reported that contestants are awarded a $5k bonus at the end of the season if they behave, in an effort to prevent the cast going rogue and spoiling the ending… like err, Konrad totally did.

The contestant then dropped another bombshell, telling the podcast, “It’s The Konrad Show. He’s their golden boy. I have a feeling they are setting him up to be the next Bachelor,” they said. “I think he knows that too because he wasn’t even subtle or trying to hide his romance with Abbie.”

Former Bachelorette star, Angie Kent, has also voiced opposition to how little Konrad cared about keeping his romance with Abbie on the DL. “I guess I am a little more salty than the average punter because I know how much goes into this love safari experience and how much you just want everyone involved to do their part and you know, perhaps not give away the ending at all,” she wrote in Yahoo.

“Like, is it that hard to make out behind closed doors these days when you’re both hot property in the TV world at the moment?” she continued. “Now we know he isn’t the one at the end, can we perhaps replace his airtime with people who we don’t know won’t be the last man or lady standing?” Savage!

It’s safe to say that if Konrad is the next Bachelor, Angie probably won’t be in line to be a contestant vying to win his heart. Don’t worry fam, I will gladly volunteer as tribute!