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The Funniest Tweets From ‘The Bachelorette’ Finale

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After weeks of rooting for Brooke Blurton to find love on her historical season of The Bachelorette, she finally chose between longtime friend Jamie-Lee Dayz and landscaper Darvid Garayeli in tonight’s finale. And it felt so good to watch!

Well, not so much from Jamie-Lee’s perspective as she was sadly left heartbroken, but Brooke deserved to get a happy ending and we hope/pray she’s found that in Darvid. It’s not super surprising that Darvid was the winner, as Brooke’s “Persian Prince” received the first impression’s rose which awarded him the first date with Brooke, and he was taken on Brooke’s final solo date before hometowns. Darvid was also the overwhelming fave to win in the betting odds, which are rarely wrong.

Darvid winning Brooke’s heart did come at the expense of Jamie-Lee, who first met our leading lady during the 2018 season of The Bachelor. They became firm friends in the years since meeting on their season, but both had wondered if there was something more between them. They didn’t wait long to find out, as Brooke and Jamie-Lee shared a kiss on premiere night, before their bond slowly grew deeper week after week.

On tonight’s finale, both Darvid and Jamie-Lee met some of Brooke’s friends — Abbie Chatfield and Amy Thunig — just in time to be grilled about what they know about Brooke. Things got awkward when Amy asked the final two about Brooke’s culture and heritage and neither could answer her questions correctly.

Then it was on to final dates! Jamie-Lee tried to explain herself to Brooke after stumbling to answer Amy’s questions, before Brooke took Darvid on a sexually-charged date which basically spoiled the ending when Brooke revealed she loved him. And the rest is history: Brooke then promptly dumped Jamie-Lee and confessed her true feelings for Darvid. It was so wholesome!

It was the perfect finale to cap off one hell of a season. Let’s relive the magic via the funniest tweets.

The Bachelorette finale retold in the best tweets:

It’s finale time! We are ready to get hurt again!

Brooke enlists the help of pals Abbie and Amy to help her decide who to pick between Darvid and Jamie-Lee. Darvid is up first and he impresses.

Then Jamie-Lee had her turn, but Amy worries that Jamie-Lee doesn’t know enough about Brooke’s culture despite knowing her for years.

It’s time for Jamie-Lee’s final date: the two take a helicopter ride before cycling through bushlands. That night, Brooke brings up Amy’s concerns about Jamie-Lee.

On Darvid’s final date, Brooke swings by in an antique car before the two engage in a tantric sex class together. It’s a lot!

Later that night, Darvid tells Brooke that he’s fallen for her and he loves her. In her confessional, Brooke admits she loves Darvid as well. Umm, spoiler alert!

Coming as a surprise to no one (except Jamie-Lee), Brooke breaks up with Jamie-Lee at the final rose ceremony.

Brooke chooses Darvid! Love is real! Fairytales can come true! What a season!