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‘Bachelorette’ Viewers Are Feeling Emotional Over Shannon’s Hometown Visit

Tonight’s hometowns episode of The Bachelorette delivered an unexpected twist, as Becky ended things with season favourite Shannon, right in the midst of meeting his family. Brutal.

Shannon invited Becky to meet his brothers Clayton and Dwayne, and as he spoke about their deep connection, the Bachelorette sister was giving off weird vibes. The energy shifted again after Shannon said he would be open to moving to Newcastle to be with Becky, while she sat in silence. This was in stark contrast to her previous day with Pete, during which Becky was enthusiastic about him moving to live with her.

As Shannon’s brothers kept telling Becky that he had “strong feelings” for her and they wanted to welcome her into the family, she eventually snapped, telling Dwayne, “I feel like at this point, I should really know where my feelings are at”. She then decided that she wouldn’t put Shannon through another rose ceremony and was instead going to break up with him that day.

Becky pulled Shannon aside, and while fumbling over her words amid tears, she told him, “I’ve only got nice things to say about you, they [his family] were saying how good we look together and how happy we are together…but for me, there’s definitely friendship there but, oh shit, I don’t know, like…,” she trailed off as Shannon gave her a cuddle, obviously realising it was the end of the road for them.

Shannon couldn’t have taken Becky’s news any better — he was a true gentleman and deserves the world. As does Becky, for being brave enough to end things with a guy when she wasn’t feeling it.

Viewers are emotional over Becky breaking up with Shannon on The Bachelorette:

We love you, Shannon. Be free. Maybe go back to being a hunky River Boy. Summer Bay is calling.