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Shannon From ‘The Bachelorette’ Played One Of The River Boys On ‘Home & Away’

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In news that has honestly broken me, it turns out that Shannon Karaka’s debut on The Bachelorette isn’t his first time on TV as according to his StarNow profile, he played a River Boy on Home and Away a few short years ago.

This development has truly freaked me out as I had previously joked that Shannon looked exactly like a River Boy. I was not saying he actually was a River Boy but it turns out HE’S A FREAKIN’ RIVER BOY.

This is peak Australian culture.

For the unfamiliar, the River Boys are a gang from Mangrove River who came to Summer Bay looking for trouble. They are the kind of tough guy gang who start random fights and one of the members actually has the words “blood and sand”  tattooed across his back. Lol. While the River Boys were first introduced waaaay back in 2011, they returned in 2018 which was when Shannon probably joined the fold.

I’ve watched every clip of the River Boys I could find from 2018 and I couldn’t spot Shannon anywhere. It’s likely that he was just one of the extras standing in the background, with his StarProfile saying he’s, “Not an actor but have done some body double/extras work over the years which is always good fun.”

You’d think that Mr. Polynesia 2017 could get a line of dialogue but life is cruel.