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A New ‘Bachelorette’ Teaser Has Dropped & I’m Not Crying, You Are

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We are being spoilt by Channel 10 right now. Firstly, the network dropped a spine-tingling teaser last week introducing Brooke Blurton as The Bachelorette, now we have our hands on a trailer for what to expect from the premiere.

The trailer starts off by going back to where it all began: Nick Cummins’ season of The Bachelor. On the 2018 season, Brooke left the mansion when she realised that Nick didn’t know what he wanted. And yep, she was bang on. Brooke then returned on Bachelor In Paradise, where she had a brief fling with Alex Nation but eventually left the show on her own.

But that’s all in the past, as Brooke is now The Bachelorette, with the teaser showing a sneak peek of night one in the mansion. First of all, Brooke looks amazing — she’s wearing a stunning black gown, with a full skirt and goddamn attached gloves. I mean, this is fashion, folks!

In the voiceover, Brooke says that “Being the Bachelorette, I get teary, I get emotional, I get goosebumps,” she began. “Because I’m the first Indigenous, bisexual Bachelorette. The barriers that have been broken just by doing this I think is huge.” I’m not crying, you are!

Then we catch a glimpse at a couple of the contestants, and already one looks familiar. The very first person to be shown in the teaser is Jamie-Lee Dayz, a contestant from the Honey Badger’s season. Brooke and Jamie-Lee were previously papped going on a date, so we have high hopes she will go far.

Another contender is a blonde contestant wearing a floor-length red gown, who ends up slow-dancing with our Brooke. The chemistry between the women is sizzling. “I am mindblown,” Brooke said in a voiceover. “Let’s just pack it up, we’re done.” Cuuuuute!

Watch the latest The Bachelorette teaser below:

The Bachelorette is “coming soon” to Channel 10.