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We’ve Stalked The Bachy Guys’ Insta Posts & Reckon We Know The Winner

As we bid farewell to another Bachy season for the year and gird our loins for Married at First Sight in 2020, the only question left to answer is: who will win Angie’s heart on The Bachelorette?

Well hold the phone, ‘cos I reckon I have a theory on who wins based purely off what the final three have posted on Instagram this season.

I get that guessing the relationship status of a couple based purely on their Instagram choices might seem like a bit of a long shot, but fam, I’ve done this before with this year’s MAFS couples and (humblebrag) I got it right.

I have studied this shit and while we know the contestants aren’t allowed to even whisper any ending spoilers, their Instagrams are practically screaming the truth at their followers.

Let’s start with Carlin…

Carlin’s Instagram posts throughout the season have been, well, mostly just of him wearing nice suits.

Here he is in a suit:

Here is another suit:

What’s that? A suit!

Tbh, it looks like his page is just about furthering his modelling profile. Carlin has not posted any photos highlighting his first two dates with Angie — not even the date where he spent all day and night with her.

The only date photo that Carlin posted with Angie is from hometowns but if you read the caption, it’s really more about explaining his brother’s claiming he went on the show to kickstart an acting career then anything else.

And Angie’s not even tagged. Sorry Carlin stans, but based on my assessment there is zero chance that Carlin wins. Imho, his Instagram posts point to a bitter ending between him and Angie.

Okay now over to Ryan…

Firstly, he barely posts anything about Bachy. Is he too good for the show? Does he not want to confuse his dog-focused brand? I dunno. But the five photos he did post say a lot. Two are just photos of Ryan alone. One is from his first episode doing the dog walking challenge. Then he posted one picture from his first date with Angie but NOT their second date.

But you might notice that he did not tag Angie in the above post which I find a bit weird. It was their first date! Surely there were good feelings there? Or not, as Ryan is feeling overly-sensitive from being recently dumped? Maybe.

Finally, Ryan posted a pic from hometowns. It’s nice enough but I find the caption, “Grateful for an amazing hometown visit,” to be rather generic.

Surely if you were the guy left standing and you were looking back at the time your current girlfriend met your fam, you would say something more interesting than that? I reckon he was left heartbroken and didn’t have anything nice to say. I am wildly speculating here but it leads me to Timm…

Timm has to be the winner!

Timm’s Instagram is radically different to the previous two. It is loaded with cute pics of Angie and Timm together, along with groups photos and a few silly solo pics.

Here’s their first date, captioned “picture perfect.” CUTE!

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picture perfect 📷 🌻 @angiekent_

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Then he posted two separate images from their second date. Here is their fancy car ride:

Then their romantic bath together…

Timm tagged Angie in all of the pics, the only guy to do so for every photo of Angie. This, to me, signifies there are no hard feelings between them.

Finally, Timm posted a pic of Angie with his fam, which he sweetly captioned, “Just a few of my favourite things in one picture.”

I know I’m reading into this, but, I find this caption says A LOT. I take it as him saying, these are STILL his favourite things AKA he is still with Angie to this day.

All up, Timm posted 16 photos from The Bachelorette, which is much more than the other two. I can’t help but think that if you were happy by the end of the series then you would want to look back at the experience by posting loads of photos. On the flip-side, if things fell apart you’d want to forget it all ever happened.

I’m aware this is all just guessing at this point but I will say that during The Bachelor, Chelsie posted an equal amount of cute photos after every date with Matt and we all know how that turned out…