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The Bachelorette’s Pascal Has Taken To Instagram To Reveal The Real Reason He Left

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Pascal’s time on The Bachelorette might be donezo, but the drama surrounding his exit continues as he took to his Instagram Stories last night to explain his side of the story.

If you need a refresher, Pascal allegedly complained to Aggi and some of the other boys about Elly and Becky’s looks, stating: “could they find hotter chicks?” He was then swiftly booted from the mansion by Elly and Becky during last night’s cocktail party.

But Pascal reckons what we saw last night was not actually what went down. “The comment Aggi said I made about the girls not being hot enough simply just didn’t happen,” he told his followers on Instagram.

He continued, “I feel like I need to defend my position, it’s not how I feel about the girls and the way I am going to be portrayed on national television is not who I am as a person. Elly and Becky were fun, beautiful girls, wholesome, good to be around, which is how I always felt.”

He then went on to say that he and Harry both dislocated their shoulders on the group date and they both agreed they were quitting the show. At this point, he claims production stepped in and gave him an idea for a way to exit in a blaze of glory.

“They [producers] ended up convincing me… ‘why don’t you tell the girls who smokes in the house, so they can make their best choice at love.’ So I ended up agreeing to do that,” Pascal said. “I went and told the guys, and it got around the house that I was gonna dob on the smokers.” Err, OK. We are missing A LOT of background info here, but I’m assuming Elly and Becky are anti-smoking?? Who knows!

Pascal said that during last night’s episode the guys were trying to make him look bad, so he would be kicked out before he could tell the sisters who was smoking in the mansion. “It was kind of an example of let’s get him before he gets us, that’s why you see a lot of animosity in the house.”

We have reached out to Channel 10 for comment regarding Pascal’s claims.