the block auctions disaster kristy and brett real estate agent

Real Reason Kristy And Brett’s ‘The Block’ Auction Was A Disaster

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The Block 2023 auctions were a real mixed bag. While Steph and Gian walked away as instant millionaires with the biggest profit earned on the show, Kristy and Brett were left fuming after selling their property for just $65,000 over reserve. 

After the ‘villains’ slagged off their real estate agent Sam Inan on TV by saying he “shit the bed” and “fucked it up” for them, he has spoken out about what really went wrong.

Just to set the scene: Steph and Gian sold their house for $5,000,000, making $1,750,000 profit plus $100,000 in prize money, Eliza and Liberty’s house went for $4,300,000 with a profit of $1,050,000, Kristy and Brett’s house sold for $3,035,000 with a profit of $65,000, Kyle and Leslie’s house went for $3,100,000 with a profit of $130,000, and Leah and Ash’s house was passed in. Whew. That’s a lot of cash flying around.


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Why were Kristy and Brett furious with their real estate agent on The Block?

There was quite a bit of heat on the Belle Property agent, with Brett cornering Inan halfway through the auction. “What the hell? You mentioned high twos, we spoke about starting the bid at $3.2m? Mate, I can’t believe how that’s just gone,” Brett said.

Host Scott Cam echoed Brett’s sentiments, hinting that Inan should have avoided mentioning a ballpark figure. “You probably set the scene by mentioning $2.9m at the start,” he said. “That got in everyone’s head. We just don’t mention anything. We know what the others went for.”

the block auctions disaster kristy and brett real estate agent

Kristy and Brett weren’t happy with the auction result. Image credit: Channel 9, The Block

The couple were also seething when the agent announced the house was officially on the market, which meant it wasn’t going to be passed in. 

Kristy and Brett’s real estate agent addresses the awful The Block auction. 

The Belle Property agent from Melbourne has come out and defended himself, saying that there was “no money left in the room” after Adrian Portelli’s extravagant bids.

According to Sam, buyers “didn’t see the value” in Kyle and Leslie’s House 1, Leah and Ash’s House 2 and Kristy and Brett’s House 3.

“When I spoke to some of the buyers that didn’t bid on our properties they said they didn’t see the value in our homes, full stop. It had nothing to do with whether they were cheap or affordable on the day. They just didn’t like them,” he told Domain


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When asked why he announced the house was officially on the market, he cited strict Consumer Affairs laws in Victoria – and revealed there was a Consumer Affairs representative present at the auction.

“With Consumer Affairs [Victoria] in attendance it’s very hard not to answer truthfully… you can sometimes say, ‘Look, I’ll answer you when I’m ready.’ But the reality is, with Consumer Affairs there – and knowing what the paperwork says – it’s very, very hard to do anything but tell the truth.”

Image credits: Channel 9, The Block