The Block 2023 cheating scandal kristy brett eliza liberty leah ash

Kristy And Brett Reckon Everyone Cheated On ‘The Block’ Apart From Them

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Kristy and Brett have come out with some pretty heavy accusations about their fellow The Block competitors. Apparently, the ‘villain’ couple believe they are the only contestants on The Block 2023 that haven’t resorted to cheating. 

But that’s not all – they’ve called Eliza and Liberty the biggest cheats – which of course, is their opinion, so I’m taking their comments with a grain of salt. What makes this interesting though, is that the sisters are very much loved by fans and Kristy and Brett are, well, public enemy number one. 

The couple dropped the bombshells during an interview with Jase & Lauren on KIIS 101.1, with Kristy declaring she wanted “everyone to be on fair playing ground”.

“We were definitely playing fair. I think the only houses that didn’t try to – well, besides that scheme to get the Mustang over the line – we’re the only team that didn’t cheat,” she said. 

The Block 2023 cheating scandal kristy brett eliza liberty leah ash

Kristy and Brett on The Block 2023. Image credit: Channel 9, The Block

When pushed by the hosts to list how their competitors cheated, Brett rattled off a few questionable moments. “Steph’s dad working on the property, for example, it is against the rules technically,” he said. “[There’s also] extra work being done on houses and stuff, or bribing with alcohol to be able to get waterproofing [done early]. These are against the rules.” 

Brett confirmed that it was House 5, Eliza and Liberty, who had allegedly bribed tradies with alcohol. “We can’t do any spoilers, but lots to come in the coming week. We were cast on the fact that we were gonna call people out,” Kristy added. 

After the radio hosts asked the couple to reveal which house cheated the most on The Block, Brett didn’t hesitate. “The girls,” he said. “Having your tradies do 15-hour days and only paying them for eight.”

Leah accuses Kyle and Leslie of cheating. 

This comes after Leah shared how unhappy she was with Kyle and Leslie’s negotiation tactics with their tradies. Although House 1 had a small budget Landscaping Week, they agreed to pay their landscaper a fixed rate of $40,000 – with no limits on what would be included or hours of labour. 

the block 2023 cheating leah kyle leslie backyard landscaping

Tradies working in Kyle and Leslie’s backyard. Image credit: Channel 9, The Block

“In my head I am thinking, we have seven people in our yard, and I am barely affording it with $70,000 and next door there’s an ant army,” she fumed in her interview. “There’s not a chance that they are doing a backyard like this for $40,000.”

Of course, she didn’t stop there, and insinuated that Kyle and Leslie had cheated. “Playing fair is very important to us. You can’t have a competition without rules.”

After all this drama that has played out on TV, I’m wondering what’s going to go down at The Block auction. With all the fights, backstabbing and accusations thrown around, it might be more of a Vanderpump Rules reunion than an episode of The Block

Image credits: Channel 9, The Block