the block 2023 winners steph gian kristy brett auction results record breaking kyle leslie leah ash liberty eliza

‘The Block’ Winners Break Records But Villains Left “Heartbroken”

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The Block 2023 has wrapped up in a thrilling conclusion, with the winning team breaking records with the highest profit ever – but this year’s ‘villains’ were “heartbroken” by the result.

Fan favourites Steph and Gian from House 4 were the first up at auction with a reserve of $3,350,000, selling to Adrian ‘Mr Lambo’ Portelli for $5,000,000. The NSW high school sweethearts walk away with $1,750,000 in profit, plus an extra $100,000 in prize money.

the block 2023 winners steph gian kristy brett auction results record breaking kyle leslie leah ash liberty eliza

The Block 2023 contestants with hosts Scott Cam and Shelley Craft. Image credit: Channel 9, The Block

Sisters Eliza and Liberty from House 5 also became instant millionaires, with Mr Lambo placing another winning bid of $4,300,000. Their reserve was $3,250,000, so the pair walked away with $1,050,000 – not bad for three months of work.

Things took a turn for the worse when Australia’s most hated couple Kristy and Brett’s property went under the hammer. House 3 sold for $3,035,000, but their reserve was $2,970,000 – leaving the couple with a profit of just $65,000.

Mr Lambo picked up a third house when Kyle and Leslie’s property went up for auction, paying $3,100,000 for House 1. With their reserve set at $2,970,000, the WA couple received a tidy profit of $130,000.

The second set of ‘villains’, Leah and Ash, were the only couple who didn’t sell their property on the night. House 2’s reserve was also set at $2,970,000, but decided to pass the property in after receiving a bid of $2,900,000 – this way they can attempt to negotiate a higher price post-auction.


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The Block 2023 winners Steph and Gian react to their record-breaking win.

Steph and Gian were blown away by the massive result, saying: “It’s an incredible feeling. We are so overwhelmed and can’t believe it. It was such a surreal day, and to end on such a high like this after all the hard work is amazing.”

“We are so grateful that Adrian Portelli saw something in our house which we love so much. This will change our lives.”

the block 2023 winners steph gian kristy brett auction results record breaking kyle leslie leah ash liberty eliza

Steph and Gian celebrate their win. Image credit: Channel 9, The Block

The high school sweethearts added that they weren’t sure what they’d use their winnings for yet, but were grateful that they could clear their debts and set themselves up for “the next stage”.

Host Scott Cam said it was a “rollercoaster of a day” and was full of praise for the winners. “I am very happy for Steph and Gian, I think they played the game beautifully and they deserve it. They stuck to their guns, they held their heads high, and they built a beautiful home.”

The Block 2023 ‘villains’ Kristy and Brett take a swipe after “heartbreaking” result.

It’s no secret that Kristy and Brett aren’t loved by the public, considering the couple constantly created drama throughout the entire show. They had feuds with every other team and eventually turned on their only friends Leah and Ash. 

After making $65,000 in profit, Brett said that the result wasn’t enough to justify taking three months off work.

“Australia got what they wanted, so!” Kristy spat out.

“I hate to look ungrateful, $65K is massive to some people but we gave up three months of great jobs, it doesn’t cover it,” Brett added. 

the block 2023 winners steph gian kristy brett auction results record breaking kyle leslie leah ash liberty eliza

Villains Kristy and Brett were upset by their result. Image credit: Channel 9, The Block

When the couple went to meet their competitors, Kristy was clearly in a sour mood. While their fellow Blockheads applauded the SA pair, Kristy told them off.

“Why would you clap? Sorry everyone, but our agent shit the bed, they fucked it up for us,” she declared.

Executive Producer Julian Cress said he was sympathetic towards Kristy and Brett, calling them “two of the best contestants” that have ever competed on the show. “I feel terrible for them that they had to go through that, after just watching their neighbours make a million plus. For them to make $65,000 is pretty heartbreaking.”

What will happen to Leah and Ash’s The Block 2023 property after it was passed in?

Leah and Ash had some bad luck on auction day, with one of their register bidders fainting and having to leave in an ambulance.

the block 2023 winners steph gian kristy brett auction results record breaking kyle leslie leah ash liberty eliza

Leah and Ash looked tense during the auction. Image credit: Channel 9, The Block

The couple will now have time to negotiate with buyers to try and get a good offer for House 2. This worked out well for Ankur and Sharon in 2022, who ended up with a profit of $170,000 and their competitors Rachel and Ryan, who ended up with $169,000 profit.

On the other hand, there’s a chance that Leah and Ash will still end up with nothing – Dylan and Jenny’s Gisborne house sat on the market for three months after the auction. The couple’s reserve at auction was $4,080,000 and it was sold for $3,900,000 – $180,000 less than reserve.

Why did Adrian ‘Mr Lambo’ Portelli buy three The Block 2023 houses?

Adrian Portelli, known as ‘Mr Lambo’, purchased both Omar and Oz’s house and Sharon and Ankur’s house in 2022. This year, he snapped up three properties.

He’s a businessman who has a company LCMT+ that offers subscribers a chance to win big prizes. It’s similar to a giant raffle – subscribers pay a monthly fee and are placed in the draw to win things like houses, luxury cars, cash, bikes and boats.


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He likely gains more exposure and publicity by appearing on one of Australia’s most-watched reality TV shows – though there was some controversy after he raffled off Sharon and Ankur’s house. The winners, Andrea and Kevin Griffin, were surprised to find that Adrian had seemingly removed some items from the house before giving it away. The Herald Sun alleged that Adrian and a few others walked off with a treadmill, a meat smoker, pricey Smeg appliances and $50,000 of wine.

Adrian plans to give the three houses he purchased this year away to members of his subscription club. “Life has changed so much since last year on The Block,” he said. “I think with the three houses I bought, there is only a small percentage of Aussies who can afford something of this value. To be able to buy them and potentially give someone else a chance to win it in my promotion means a lot.”

Previous The Block winners and their profit. 

2003, BONDI – Adam & Fiona, $256,000

2004, MANLY – Jamie & Andrew, $178,000

2010, VAUCLUSE – John & Neisha, $305,000

2011, RICHMOND – Polly & Waz, $115,000

2012, SOUTH MELBOURNE – Brad & Lara, $606,000

2013, ALL STARS (BONDI) – Phil & Amity, $395,000

2013, SKY HIGH (SOUTH MELBOURNE) – Alisa & Lysandra, $395,000

2014, FANS v FAVES (ALBERT PARK) – Steve & Chantelle, $736,000

2014, GLASSHOUSE (PRAHRAN) – Shannon & Simon, $435,000

2015, TRIPLE THREAT (SOUTH YARRA) – Darren & Deanne, $935,000

2015, THE BLOCKTAGON (SOUTH YARRA) – Dean & Shay, $755,000

2016, PORT MELBOURNE – Will & Karlie, $815,000

2017, ELSTERNWICK – Josh & Elyse, $547,000

2018, GATWICK (ST KILDA) – Hayden & Sara, $645,000

2019, OSLO (ST KILDA) – Tess & Luke, $730,000

2020, BRIGHTON – Jimmy & Tam, $1,066,000 

2021, FANS v FAVES (HAMPTON) – Mitch & Mark , $744,444

2022, TREE CHANGE (GISBORNE) – Omar and Oz, $1,686,666.66

Image credits: Channel 9, The Block