the block 2023 cheating leah kyle leslie backyard landscaping

Leah From ‘The Block’ Has Accused Another Team Of Cheating

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Though Leah and Ash from The Block seemed to turn over a new leaf recently, their do-gooder attitude didn’t last long. The pair have thrown another hissy fit and insinuated their neighbours aren’t playing by the rules.

Kyle and Leslie from House 1 have continually been lumped as a low-performer by the judges, so at this point in the competition, their budget is stretched. For their entire backyard, the couple have a mere $40,000 to get everything done. 

However, they found a loophole that allows them to end up with a backyard that’s worth much more than that. In a genius negotiation tactic, the couple agreed to pay their landscaper the fixed rate of $40,000 – with no limit on his hours of labour or details included in their design. 

the block 2023 cheating leah kyle leslie backyard landscaping

Kyle and Leslie’s landscaping team on The Block. Image credit: Channel 9, The Block

It’s a smart decision and I don’t think they’ll get in trouble for this. After all, it’s up to the landscaper to decide how much he charges. 

What did The Block couples think of Kyle and Leslie’s tactics?

Since Leah can’t leave well enough alone, she kept peeking into her neighbours’ yard instead of renovating her own property. “In my head I am thinking, we have seven people in our yard, and I am barely affording it with $70,000 and next door there’s an ant army,” she told producers. “There’s not a chance that they are doing a backyard like this for $40,000.”

Leah didn’t stop there — though she probably should’ve – and declared that Kyle and Leslie’s behaviour was shady. “Playing fair is very important to us. You can’t have a competition without rules.”

the block 2023 cheating leah kyle leslie backyard landscaping

Kristy wasn’t happy with House 1. Image credit: Channel 9, The Block

Leah’s ex-BFF Kristy also jumped on the bandwagon, which will come as a surprise to nobody.

“Their budget is the same budget as our budget this week,” Kristy told producers. “We are both spending $40,000. By my calculations, trade alone would come in at $20,000 and that’s not including tilers, or materials or plumbers. And they haven’t won since week one.”

Eliza and Liberty weren’t fussed by what was going on in House 1, instead pointing out that it looked like absolute chaos. “We look over at House 1 and it’s confronting but too many hands and I think it would be a disaster,” Eliza said. 


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Steph and Gian didn’t have anything to add to the convo, as Steph was attending her grandfather’s funeral in Sydney while Gian kept soldiering on at the house.

The only silver lining to all of this is that Leah and Kristy didn’t use their combined fury towards Kyle and Leslie to patch up their friendship. We’ve all had enough of the mean girl schtick. 

Image credits: Channel 9, The Block