I Remembered The Bookworm Existed & Now You Need To Suffer With Me

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If you grew up in the ’90s or ’00s you’ll probably vaguely remember The Book Place, an educational program that predominantly featured a talking puppet known as the Bookworm.

Now, we’ve established long ago that a lot of Aussie kids’ shows have been borderline terrifying to reminisce on. There’s no way that Johnson And Friends was actually ever OK. And the faceless doll from Lift Off still has the power to haunt one’s dreams. My dreams.

But we’re here right now to give you a reminder about The Book Place, and more specifically, the creepy fkin Bookworm puppet that had to 100% be on something stronger than an apple juice.

I’m sorry, but LOOK at this guy.

the bookworm the book place

That smug face knows shit, man. He’s already Instagram stalked you before your first date and knows the name of your aunt’s dog.

the bookworm

He’s that annoying kid at primary school who absolutely never forgot his hat and mocked you when you had to sit in the shade.

the bookworm

How was this creepy worm ever meant to educate us on the joys of reading when his black, dead eyes burned directly into our tiny, childhood souls?

the bookwork the book place

The only education I received from him was finally being able to trace back when my insomnia started.

And if the blank eyes and sly smile weren’t enough to convince you this is the thing nightmares were made of, check out the voice:

“I want to go!”

I want you to go, good sir. Go far, far away from here.

On the plus side, being introduced to the Bookworm again at least means we can utilise him for creepy memes…

the book place book worm