The Circle

If Chloe Doesn’t Win ‘The Circle’ Season 2, We Riot

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Last week, we were treated to four more episodes of The Circle and let’s just say, it’s getting really good now. Savannah and Terilisha have said goodbye and we’ve said hello to the stunning Mitchell and the strategic Khat. 

But, while we were introduced to some new faces, I still think there is one clear winner in our sights. And that’s Chloe. ‘Why?’ I hear you asking. Well, let me tell you! I have five reasons.

Let’s Get Into Why Chloe Deserves To Win The Circle Season 2 

#1. She Just Constantly Says What She’s Thinking

I think the main reason why I like watching Chloe on The Circle is that she’s just herself. Courtney and Savannah have received quite a bit of backlash online for saying one thing and then doing another but Chloe is wholeheartedly keeping true to her roots. 

It’s almost as if she has no idea there are cameras even filming her!

#2. Her Reactions Are Priceless

Chloe is so fucking funny, I legitimately can’t handle her sometimes. I would go so far as to say that if Chloe wasn’t already an influencer, she would make a great employee at GIPHY. She’s just a walking meme machine. 

#3. She’s So Thirsty And We Can Relate

Now, if anyone thinks they can go into an isolated room for a substantial amount of time and not get a little bit horny, you’re kidding yourself. Chloe, like all icons, was so forward and upfront with her flirting and we have no choice but to stan her confidence. 

Honestly, queen of relatability. 

She really kept the energy she had in Too Hot To Handle in The Circle. 

#4. She Just So Entertaining

The vast amount of highlights in the show come from when Chloe is just unapologetically doing her thing. At the end of the day, that’s what we’re here to watch. 

#5. She’s Playing The Game Phenomenally Well

Okay, so on top of her personality being amazing, props must be given to Chloe for her amazing gameplay. While she hasn’t been very vocal about her strategy, she’s got a bloody good one. In case you didn’t notice, Chloe built a connection with pretty much everyone! Firstly, she had the girls chat, which had all the girls covered. Secondly, she started flirting with Trevor, locking the straight man down. Then, she started a chat with the gay men! Honestly, power to her, she knows exactly what’s up. 

All in all, I really hope she nabs the $100,000. Out of all the contestants we’ve met, I really do believe she deserves it the most. 

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