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We Simply Must Discuss How Unnecessary All The Hashtagging Is On ‘The Circle’

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After an incredibly successful season one, Netflix has brought back The Circle, but this time with more twists, more drama, and more catfishes. And while the show is certainly a lot more entertaining with these changes, I can’t help but critique it. Well, I can’t help but critique one aspect of the show, and that’s the hashtags. 

Can someone please explain to me, why on earth the contestants hashtag when they talk to each other in The Circle? It just makes no sense. 

Why Are People Hashtagging In The Circle?

For essential context, The Circle is a reality show that’s all about social media. In this show, contestants can only communicate with each other via the “Circle”. There’s the Circle chat (which includes the whole group), there are smaller group chats and, of course, there are DMs. All-in-all, The Circle is a glorified Facebook Messenger.

So, let me ask you this: when was the last time you sent a hashtag in your group chat? Never, right? That’s because hashtags don’t belong there!

The fundamental purpose of a hashtag is to connect social media content to a specific topic. So, if the platform (in this case, The Circle), doesn’t provide you with access to a page dedicated to that hashtag, then what – and I mean this literally – is the point?

Furthermore, in The Circle season 2, the participants don’t even hashtag correctly. These people are just saying regular sentences under the guise of a hashtag. Just look at some of these examples.  

Trevor, why are you hashtagging #I’mAlwaysHereForYou. It’s literally its own sentence.

The same goes for you Terilisha, just use it in a sentence.

The Circle

River, if #TexasSiblingsRock was a real hashtag, I guarantee this would be the only content under it.

The Circle

The only example I could find in the first four episodes of a hashtag that made sense was the conversation between Terilisha and Savannah when they referred to #GirlGang, which was the name given to their all-girls group chat.

The Circle

But, even then, why does it have to be a hashtag?! Just refer to it!!?!?

I think it could be interesting if The Circle allowed the participants to click on certain hashtags and see all that had been said using them (DMs included). Can you imagine what would come up under #betrayal or #strategy or, in the case of the above, #GirlGang?

The Circle Season 3 producers, where are you at? I have an idea!

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