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‘The Circle’ On Netflix Will Fill The Reality TV-Shaped Hole In Your Heart

If, like myself, you live and breathe reality TV, then this December has gone at a glacial pace with no reality telly to binge whatsoever. Enter The Circle: a new reality series on Netflix we all should be watching.

Like most good TV, the US series is based on a UK show and unlike anything I’ve ever seen, but can be most accurately summarised as Big Brother meets Catfish, with a splash of Black Mirror.

All of the contestants are brought to an apartment building and their every moment filmed, but here’s the kicker: they are all in seperate flats and can only communicate online. Some of the people are not who they say they are and that’s where it gets juicy as hell.

The name of the game is to last the longest and become the most popular, and that person will take home $100k. On the season so far, two contestants have already been sent packing for simply not being popular among their fellow contestants or seeming like catfishes. The show is savage asf.

The first four episodes of The Circle are now available to stream on Netflix and believe me…you’ll probably binge them all in one stream. This shit is ADDICTIVE, I feel you.

The next four episodes will drop in a week, so roughly next Wednesday, 8 January.

The series is expected to keep dropping episodes for the entire month. I’m personally only here for Karyn (aka Mercedeze) catfishing all their asses. Karyn FTW.

The first four episodes of The Circle is available to stream now on Netflix.