People Are Straight-Up Catfishing Each Other For Cash In This Wild New Netflix Reality Series

We thought this decade had some truly wild reality TV, but 2020 is starting out strong. Netflix is releasing their own totally bonkers catfishing reality series called The Circle in January and we are already hooked.

On a custom-made social media platform, also called The Circle, contestants will try to gain influence with each other to avoid being voted out of the competition, like a weird millennial Survivor, played entirely through a screen.

They’ll virtually “bond, flirt and plot” to win $100K – but that doesn’t mean they’ll be themselves. Yep, many of them will be playing as somebody else. This show is predicated on people catfishing one another.

“If you could be anyone online, would you be yourself or someone else? What if there was a major cash prize at stake?,” the series poses.

We know people exaggerate on socials, pretending that their weekend was Instagram-perfect, all smashed avo and sunflowers, but this is next level.

“My gameplan is just to be myself,” says one sweet cherub.

“I hope you are all who you say you are, because I’m not,” says a competitor.

“In The Circle, I’ll be playing my girlfriend, Rebecca,” says a man determined to catfish.

We cannot wait for the promised “shocking reveals”. Who knew a reality show where no one seems to talk to each other IRL could be so gripping?

New eps drop on Wednesdays over three weeks, so you can spend your summer mistrusting everyone you speak to online.

The Circle streams on Netflix from January 1.