the hills most iconic memorable moments

The Most Iconic Moments In The History Of ‘The Hills’, Ranked

There are only a handful of reality TV series that belong in a league of their own and The Hills is one of these special shows.

Sure, once Lauren Conrad exited the show things quickly derailed, but for those four and a half seasons TV magic was made. The characters and the consistently petty drama created truly addictive viewing and the reality television game would never be the same.

What other shows have provided us with iconic lines like this?!

Ahead of the series’ reboot The Hills: New Beginnings we thought it was the perfect time to reminisce over the show’s most memorable moments because, let’s be real, this show was bonkers.

The most iconic moments in The Hills, ranked!

#20. That final scene.

After all the years we invested in this series, it all ended with Brody revealing he was standing in front of a studio set, hinting that the whole show was faked. It was a bold move to make but we stan a self-aware reality show.

the hills memorable iconic moments

#19. Spencer kicks Heidi out of his car.

Spencer issues Heidi with an ultimatum: they either move in together or break up. When Heidi tells Spencer “my answer is no,” he chucks a tantrum, telling her “My answer is get out of my car.” Savage.

#18. Justin Bobby kisses another girl in front of Audrina.

Ah, Justin Bobby, the original fuckboi. When out at a club, Audrina ends up witnessing him kissing another girl right in front of her face. Despite all of this, they continued dating.

#17. Jen betrays Lauren.

If we thought that Lauren and Heidi’s friendship breakdown was brutal, along came Jen Bunney. Lauren went nuts at Jen for kissing Brody but it only brought Jen and Heidi closer together.

#16. Kristen rocks up out of nowhere.

With Lauren exiting the series, thankfully we had drama-magnet Kristen to enter and start chaos in the second half of season five. This GIF is everything.

#15. Lauren destroys a designer dress in Paris.

This is just wrong. When Whitney and Lauren are in Paris for work, Lauren sews a designer dress shorter (how dare she!) and later realises it has been severely stained and is ruined. She is left panicking. Have some respect, ladies!

#14. Heidi gets her first job but doesn’t do any work.

From fashion school drop out to PR assistant, Heidi in the early seasons was one hell of a big mood and just loved to mess up and cause drama. I can relate.

#13. Laurens gets Stephanie a job but she sucks.

Stephanie on The Hills was the true definition of a messy bitch. Lauren gets her a job working at People’s Revolution but she stuffs up the interview and is generally awful at everything. Within days Lauren is instructed to fire her.

#12. Audrina accuses Lauren of hooking up with Justin Bobby.

Now this came out of nowhere. Audrina heard (and believed?!) a rumour that her bestie Lauren had hooked up with (Lauren’s sworn nemesis) Justin Bobby. Lauren did not mince her words.

#11. Heidi pretends to be pregnant to test Spencer.

I know Spencer gets a lot of shade for his actions on this show but Heidi was no angel. Despite finding out she was not pregnant, she dragged on the speculation to see how Spencer would react. It was manipulative AF. Speidi truly deserve each other.

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#10. Spencer (finally) apologises to Lauren.

After being invited to Heidi’s wedding, it is a surprise phone call from Spencer that seems to convince Lauren to actually go. This moment was three seasons in the making, as Spencer told Lauren:

“I’m sorry for putting the sex tape rumours out there and for any hurt they caused,” he said. “I don’t expect you to forgive me, but this girl still has a place in her heart for you.”

#9. Lauren actually shows up to Heidi and Spencer’s wedding.

Who would have thought this could ever happen but it was cute as heck and don’t pretend you didn’t cry when Heidi saw Lauren for the first time. Aww. BFFs 4EVA.

#8. Heidi and Spencer pretty much adopt their neighbour’s child.

We don’t talk about this enough. Umm, why were Heidi and Spencer taking care of the neighbour’s child Enzo like all the time? Heidi even threw him a birthday party. Where were HIS parents?! This show got fucking weird.

#7. Lauren and Lo face off with Audrina.

Lo moving into a house with previous housemates Lauren and Audrina caused all kinds of shit, leaving Audrina on the outer. It all came to a head with Lauren and Audrina having a D&M which gifted us with this iconic GIF.

#6. Whitney stacks it on national television.

I could watch this on loop for the rest of my life. ICYMI, Whitney appeared on Good Morning America in the second season to model an Oscar’s gown and absolutely stacked it.

#5. Lauren chooses her boyfriend over a trip to Paris.

If Lisa Love asks you to go to Paris, you go to Paris. Instead, Lauren spent time with her boyfriend, Jason, who she broke up with soon after. Awkward.

#4. Heidi gatecrashes the Teen Vogue party.

We knew in the first episode that this show was something special when Heidi decided to invite herself and friends to a Teen Vogue party that Lauren is working at. I honestly don’t know how Lauren kept her job.

#3. Lauren confronts Heidi about the rumour.

The third season of The Hills kicked off with high drama. As both Lauren and Heidi attend Frankie’s birthday party, Lauren screams insults across the club, telling Heidi “You know what you did!” referring to a rumour about a sex tape. It was the beginning of the end of their friendship.

#2. Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach.

Justin Bobby is the greatest character on this show (and maybe every show) even if he did wear combat boots the beach and totally ditched his date.

#1. Lauren and Heidi break up.

After a whole season of fighting, it’s this scene between Lauren and Heidi that marks the end of their friendship as Lauren tells Heidi, “I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you.” For those of us that had watched the ups and downs of their friendship, it felt personal and hit hard.

What an incredible series. It will be interesting to see how The Hills: New Beginnings sizes up.