The Winner Of ‘The Masked Singer’ Australia Has Finally Been Revealed

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Tonight’s finale of The Masked Singer had everything we wanted and more. Osher in another loud suit, Lindsay actually nailing a final guess as well as throwing some shade, and all the masked performers singing together for one last time.

After weeks of battling it in out in heavy costumes, the three remaining masked singers took to the stage for one last time.

Just like there can only be one sole Survivor, one sole The Bachelorette winner, and one sole Australian Idol, there could only be one winner of The Masked Singer.

With Robot, Wolf and Monster the last three hidden celebrities standing, I guess you could say in a way we were ALL winners because damn, the Australian public really did pick this weeks ago.

Here’s who was hiding under the final three costumes on The Masked Singer Australia:

3rd place – Monster aka Gorgi Coghlan

Gorgi Coghlan The Masked Singer

The monster certainly captured everyone’s hearts on their journey and it was finally revealed to be Gorgi. While Hughesy was leaning towards Kasey Chambers, Jackie O nailed her guess and picked Gorgi. The Australian public weren’t entirely as shocked as our judges though…

2nd place – Wolf aka Rob ‘Millsy’ Mills

Wolf came out singing ‘Come Together’ and it was… sexy.

And finally it was revealed that Wolfie boy WAS Rob Mills, who Jackie O had pegged again. He even got his own Australian Idol dig in saying he now understood how Shannon Noll felt back in the day.

Rob Mills The Masked Singer Australia

Now if Millsy can wear that jacket forever and ever, I’d be eternally happy. As Lindsay Lohan would say, what a stud muffin.

Winner – Robot aka Cody Simpson

Yep, before he got caught up in a whirlwind romance with Miley Cyrus, Cody was busy dancing around The Masked Singer stage as Robot. Hughesy even went all Mark Holden on him and gave him a ‘Touchdown’.

Cody Simpson The Masked Singer

But it was Lindsay who guessed Cody and dropped she’d have to “talk to him” in “a different arena”. For those confused at home, Cody used to date her sister and apparently Lindsay once bought him furniture for his apartment? Though he has no idea where it is now and seems to think it “never showed up.”

Look, we may not have been shook, but it was still pretty exciting to see him hailed the winner and finally unmask.

Lindsay Lohan The Masked Singer

What a show. What a journey.