the masked singer celebrities clues

Every ‘The Masked Singer’ Clue That Proves The Identities Of The Final Celebrities

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The Masked Singer is almost over for another year. We’ve seen creepy masks (Baby, I’m talking about you), some spine-tingling performances, and Osher louder and more animated than he’s ever been on nine seasons of The Bachelor.

And the clues this season have been more cryptic than ever. While in previous years, viewers have clocked the celebrities from their very first clue packages, this year’s season has seen everyone struggle to put the pieces together. Well… except Dolly, who was obviously Em Rusciano from the second she stepped onto the stage. Happy to be proved wrong, but doubt it.

Unlike Dolly, the identities of masks like Mullet, Lightning, and Atlantis have left people stumped — and as usual, the judges aren’t much help. But never fear, we here at Punkee know what’s important: spending an entire work week analysing trivial clues to decide — once and for all — who is under every cursed mask still competing on The Masked Singer.

Not to brag, but… we reckon we’ve nailed it.

(These are of course just theories — albeit, pretty damn convincing theories.)

Lighting = Alli Simpson

the masked singer celebrities clues

The Evidence

Clue: “Lightning affects the airwaves and my interference got noticed young.”

Explanation: Alli released songs ‘Notice Me’ and ‘Why I’m Single’ while she was still only a teenager.

Clues: “Travel hasn’t always been my choice but it led to my fame.”

Explanation: The entire Simpson family moved to Los Angeles in order to establish Alli’s brother Cody Simpson’s music career in the US.

Clue: “Do water and electricity mix? Not usually. But I’m flexible in what I do. After all, you’re not 21 forever.”

Explanation: Alli was photographed attending the grand opening of Forever 21’s flagship store in Brisbane in 2014.

Clue: “Although I ran a good race in Rio, I got tired of staying in my own lane. No more.”

Explanation: In 2016, Alli and her brother Cody were Olympic Torch Bearers at the Rio Summer Olympic Games, running with the flame in the official torch relay during the opening ceremony.

Clue: “I owe my career to my relationship with a mouse.”

Explanation: Alli got her big break hosting The Alli Simpson Show on Radio Disney.

Clue: “Lightning only goes in one direction. And that made all the difference.”

Explanation: Alli interviewed One Direction while hosting Radio Disney, and she was also linked to Harry Styles.

Clue: A sign that read ‘Are you losing your hair? Book an appointment today. Call Saira’.

Explanation: Alli’s hair extensions once fell out when she on the red carpet for the ARIA Awards.

Kebab = Jack Vidgen

the masked singer celebrities clues

The Evidence

Clue: “I might look innocent, quiet at times, but with a bit of hot sauce, I go off, I’m a bit of a wild one.”

Explanation: Jack starred in I’m A Celebrity at the start of 2021, living among wild animals.

Clue: Regarding Kebab’s gender, they said, “Here’s what I can say about that. Mostly I’m one but I have been known to be the other”

Explanation: Jack is known for having a singing voice that can sound feminine, and he dressed in drag for Abbie Chatfield’s housewarming party earlier this year. Jack also competed to be our nation’s Eurovision representative in Australia Decides 2020 with an entry song called ‘I Am King I Am Queen’.

Clue: “I’ll let you in on a little secret: I get kissed by strangers!”

Explanation: This is probably referring to when Vidgen auditioned for Australia’s Got Talent and Irish judge (and stranger) Brian McFadden rushed over to kiss him on the cheek.

Clue: A bodyguard was using a walking frame, then took a bite of a kebab and he was able to walk freely.

Explanation: After winning AGT, Vidgen disappeared from the limelight for several years, instead working at an aged care facility.

Clue: A bible was shown in the mindreader segment.

Explanation: Jack released a single this year called ‘Pray’.

Baby = Ella Hooper

the masked singer celebrities clues

The Evidence

Clue: “I love flowers, I’ve been around them all my life.”

Explanation: Hooper grew up in Violet Town, a small town in Northeastern Victoria.

Clue: A bodyguard played with some A-B-C blocks.

Explanation: Ella is a frequent guest on ABC programs, as well as acting as team captain on a short-lived Spicks and Specks reboot.

Clue: “Aren’t these animals perfect? Well, I don’t like perfection, it makes me go waa, waa!”

Explanation: Killing Heidi were first signed by Wah Wah Music in 1997.

Clue: “I’ve been front and centre and I’ve been on the wings. Front and centre is better.”

Explanation: Ella was the lead singer of Killing Heidi and she hosts a podcast literally called Front & Centre. 

Clue: “There’s nothing school could teach me. And yet the government comes seeking my advice.”

Explanation: Hooper left school after Year 11 to focus on her band Killing Heidi.

Clue: The days January 30 and 31 were circled on a calendar, with Baby adding, “I have a special day every year. Sometimes two!”

Explanation: Ella was born on January 30 and Killing Heidi’s song ‘Mascara’ hit number 1 on the ARIA charts on January 30 too. Not sure what January 31 signifies, but Baby saying that sometimes she has two days could translate to 2Day FM, where she previously worked hosting a countdown slot.

Atlantis = Macy Gray

the masked singer celebrities clues

The Evidence

Clue: “I heard the siren of Hollywood many times, but Washington only once,”

Explanation: Gray has featured in loads on Hollywood movies and TV shows, including in Spider-Man, Scary Movie 3Full House and Ally McBeal. The mention of Washington could be a red herring: not the place, but Denzel Washington who she worked with once on the movie Training Day. 

Clue: Atlantis was seen cradling The Big Book of Swear Words, as her bodyguard — wearing a crocheted Rastafarian cap — blocked their ears. Then a bodyguard wearing a police cap took Atlantis away.

Explanation: Another huge hint: Macy was almost arrested for swearing while performing at the Barbados Jazz Festival.

Clue: A photo of Tom Hanks appeared in a lightbulb.

Explanation: Hanks appeared in the movie Big in 1988, while Gray release an album titled Big in 2007.

Clue: “Like the waves, my path has not been straight. But like water, nothing can hold me back for long.”

Explanation: Macy featured on song ‘Can’t Hold Back’ with Australian artist Kaz James which was a hit on the local radio waves.

Clue: “Don’t confuse me for a shop girl. Or Marilyn either. Perhaps I am a do-gooder? I would be happy with that.”

Explanation: Gray went to high school with Brian Warner (aka Marilyn Manson) — in fact, she was in the same class — but she maintains that they didn’t know each other.

Vampire = Anastacia

the masked singer celebrities clues

The Evidence

Clue: “I don’t wish to be unkind but do not underestimate me.”

Explanation: Anastacia’s first album was called Not That Kind.

Clue: Vampire was seen standing with salt and pepper shakers.

Explanation: Before her breakout single ‘I’m Outta Love’, Anastacia danced in two Salt-N-Pepa music videos: in 1988 she was in ‘Get Up Everybody (Get Up)’ and in 1989 she was featured in ‘Twist and Shout’.

Clue: “Vampires have no age. We are timeless. A lifetime is but a day. I shall never be a crone.”

Explanation: When she was just 13 years old, Anastacia was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.

Clue: Vampire was shown holding a photo of Elton John in one hand and an Ankh in the other.

Explanation: She performed ‘Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting’ with Elton John and she has an Ankh tattoo on her lower back.

Clue: A framed picture of Pietro Perugino’s painting ‘The Resurrection’.

Explanation: Anastacia’s sixth album was called Resurrection and the meaning of the name Anastacia actually translates to resurrection.

Clue: Bodyguards were spotted doing Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ dance.

Explanation: Anastacia has previously shared that Michael Jackson wanted to sign her to his label.

Clue: “Freddie was the King but who is the Queen?”

Explanation: Anastacia performed with Queen in South Africa in 2003, and she played the Killer Queen in We Will Rock You in the Netherlands in 2019.

Read more about our Anastacia theory here.

Dolly = Em Rusciano

the masked singer celebrities clues

The Evidence

Clue: Next to a typewriter sat a photo of Wil Anderson and two tomatoes.

Explanation: Em copped a lot of heat for a now infamous appearance she did on Wil Anderson’s Wilosophy podcast, where she ranted about her ex-coworkers from her years in radio. Historically, getting hammered with tomatoes means that the audience didn’t enjoy the performance.

Clue: “After missing my dream in Sydney, 2004 was when I made my mark.”

Explanation: Em had aspirations to make the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, but she ended up becoming an even bigger star by being on the 2004 season of Australian Idol. 

Clue: “I don’t mind a bit of back and forth. In fact, I’m rather famous for it.”

Explanation: Em is known for being opinionated, she would face-off against celebrities in her years in radio, and it was later reported that some radio staff refused to work with Em — suggesting there was conflict there.

Clue: A bodyguard was using a typewriter, with the page reading “A Difficult Four-Pointer”.

Explanation: Em performed a show called Difficult Woman at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Em has spoken about playing basketball in her youth, which might be the “four-pointer” reference.

Clue: “I’ve always aimed high, good enough is never good enough. Things have to be just so.”

Explanation: Em previously said on the WILOSOPHY podcast that, “I’m a perfectionist and I’m a little bit nutty”.

Clue: Photos of Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake.

Explanation: The singers/actors both did a rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘True Colors’ for the film Trolls and Em also covered that iconic ballad.

Mullet = Pat Cash

This one was the hardest by far and I wouldn’t say I’m 100% convinced, as the show made the Mullet clues especially vague. That being said, I’m pretty pleased with this Pat Cash theory.

the masked singer celebrities clues

The Evidence

Clue: “I’m Mullet, just a knockabout bloke surprised to be here!”

Explanation: The mask itself is a huge clue, as Pat was famous for his mullet back in ’80s.

Clue: Mullet was wearing a name tag that said “Hello my name is Junior Mullet”.

Explanation: Cash rose to prominence when he was ranked the number one junior player in the world in 1981.

Clue: Photos of Geena and Bette Davis.

Explanation: This is likely a nod to the Davis Cup, which Cash won in 1983 and 1986. In fact, in 1983 he was the youngest player to ever play singles in a Davis Cup final.

Clue: “I might be a mullet but don’t underestimate me. My intelligence isn’t artificial….and way better than 20!”

Explanation: This is very random but there’s a book titled Artificial Intelligence: Futuristic Episodes and one of the authors’ names is Pat Cash. 

Clue: “I was number one once, y’know. But I wasn’t wearing flannelette at the time. Mullets go in and out of fashion. But lucky for me, I’ve got more than 1 string to me bow.”

Explanation: Another tennis reference with the mentions of “string”, and regarding being number one, Cash won two Davis Cups and Wimbledon in 1987.

Clue: When asked if he was a swimmer, Mullet replied, “I don’t need to get my hair wet anymore.”

Explanation: Cash has retired from playing tennis.

Clue: “No matter how far you travel, you can’t leave the real you behind. I’m a jack-of-all-trades. I’ve even taken on the Chinese! Not as a comedian, but you could call me something close.”

Explanation: Another straight-up serve! (Tennis lingo is not my thing.) Pat coaches China’s number one tennis player, Qiang Wang.

Find out if we’re correct or wildly wrong when the final masks are revealed on The Masked Singer from Sunday 7:30pm on Channel 10.