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The Funniest Tweets From ‘The Masked Singer’ Finale

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Put your detective caps away because The Masked Singer has come to an end, as last night’s finale revealed the identities of Mullet, Dolly, and winner Vampire.

In a surprise that literally everyone saw coming, Vampire was ’00s pop icon Anastacia. Not a bad score for our little Australian reality show. It was a deserving win, as Vampire’s performances were truly amazing from start to finish, showcasing a commanding voice that sent shivers down viewers’ spines.

The season’s runner-up was another predicted pick: Dolly was Em Rusciano. I am SHOCKED. Dolly also wowed viewers will some unforgettable performances, showing off her pipes first made famous on the 2004 season of Australian Idol. 

The only real mystery from the season was the identity of Mullet, who had most of us stumped due to the vagueness of the mask’s clues. Many had speculated that it was a sports star but it turned out to be another Australian Idol castoff — Axle Whitehead — which was a real choice. After rising to fame on the reality show, Axle’s career was derailed after he exposed himself onstage at the 2006 ARIAs.

Jokes about the fact that Mullet accidentally exposed his head on night one are obviously there for the taking. Viewers were also taking the piss out of the fact Channel 10 may have splurged their whole budget on luring international celebrities like Anastacia, Macy Gray, and Vinnie Jones to the show. I mean, we love to see famous faces other than obscure Australian sports stars and ex-reality singing show contestants, but surely Macy and Anastacia have better things to do!

As we ponder that, let’s jump into the finale’s best tweets!

The funniest tweets from The Masked Singer finale: