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Absolutely No One Believes Jackie O Didn’t Know Kyle Was On ‘The Masked Singer’

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The Masked Singer was shaken up last night when a mystery mask appeared for one night only, dressed up as Rubble from Paw Patrol in some seamless cross-promotion for Paramount.

Rubble sang Train’s ‘Drops of Jupiter’ before humping one of the set pieces. This probably should have been enough of a clue to reveal the identity of the mask: controversial radio host Kyle Sandilands.

None of the judges had guessed Kyle was under the mask — not even Jackie O, who has worked alongside him on the Kyle and Jackie O show for a casual 20 years. This did not sit well with viewers, who reckon the clues were obvious enough for Jackie O to be able to easily work out it was her longtime colleague.

However, when Kyle was unmasked Jackie O appeared truly shocked.

Absolutely no one on Twitter is buying that Jackie didn’t know Kyle was Rubble:

For what it’s worth, host Osher Günsberg tweeted last night that Jackie had “absolutely no idea” that Kyle was performing on the show.

As for Kyle being the celebrity surprise… meh. Kyle is a controversial figure at the best of times and he’s known for offending people on his radio show — from making sacrilegious statements about the Virgin Mary, to his baffling reaction to a 14-year-old revealing she was the victim of rape.

Kyle’s appearance on the reality show follows Duster turning out to be disgraced MasterChef judge George Calombaris.

The Masked Singer producers, are you OK?

One mask reveal from last night’s episode that was a more pleasant surprise was Atlantis turning out to be Grammy award-winning artist, Macy Gray. This came as a shock to some, but not for people who had noticed that the clues matched up perfectly and Atlantis’ singing voice was unmistakably Gray’s.

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The Masked Singer returns tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10.