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Last Night’s ‘The Masked Singer’ Reveal Was So Obvious That Everyone’s Taking The Piss

While last week’s The Masked Singer reveals truly shook us all, the latest unmask of the Alien was extremely predictable. Like, come on now. We all knew it was Nikki Webster all along.

We had previously been fed clues alluding to a child star with a connection to the Olympics. Bitch, pls. It was just so obvious and on last night’s episode when the Alien received the least amount of votes, off came its head and out came Nikki.

With many Aussies growing up with Nikki — watching her at the 2000 Olympics Games and then bopping along to her verified banger ‘Strawberry Kisses’ — it’s safe to say that almost all of Twitter saw this coming a mile away.

People took the absolute piss out of the obvious reveal:

Tbh, what surprised us all was the fact that Nikki is all grown up and even has a daughter of her own. In my head she was still a strawberry blonde-haired child with an alien/robot sidekick.

And really there was a missed opportunity for Nikki to give ‘Strawberry Kisses’ a 2019 reboot.