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15 Tweets From People Grateful The Puppet Horror Show On ‘The Masked Singer’ Is Over

On last night’s The Masked Singer semi-final, the nightmare finally ended after Puppet was booted from the show and unmasked.

The celebrity behind the creepy mask turned out to be Simon Pryce from The Wiggles, who has been a popular guess the whole season. While Pryce seems like a nice enough guy, viewers couldn’t get past that damn costume.


Despite seeing the Puppet every week, it only became scarier. There was something sinister about how its arms were super long and moved mechanically. I hate the Puppet. The Puppet is beyond cursed.

The Puppet being paired with Pryce’s operatic voice somehow made it all the more creepy. If I never have to see a Puppet crooning along to ‘Despacito’ again, I will die happy.

Viewers could not handle how cursed the Puppet was on The Masked Singer:















The people have spoken.


The Masked Singer returns tonight (Puppetless!) at 7:30pm on Channel 10.