The Princess Switch 2

The Trailer For ‘The Princess Switch 2’ Is Here & OMG She Does A Third Accent

Two years ago, Vanessa Hudgens returned to acting with the guilty-pleasure holiday-flick, The Princess Switch. And now, she’s back for more. Yes, you heard me, The Princess Switch 2 is coming.

It’s almost December which means the Christmas trees are going up and the amount of effort you’re putting into your job is going down. How good! 

For some reason, during the November/December months, we get extremely obsessed with holiday-themed entertainment. We’re streaming Mariah Carey non-stop, and we’re watching whatever holiday-flick Netflix has released this week. But now, get ready for the movie that you didn’t know you needed: The Princess Switch 2, is finally nearly here! 

In case you missed it, Vanessa Hudgens starred as both of the leads in the first Princess Switch, which hit our laptop screens almost two years ago now. The plot was eerily similar to that of The Parent Trap and basically followed these two women (the British Duchess Margaret Delacourt and an American commoner Stacy DeNovo), who look exactly alike, who ended up trading places and living in the other’s shoes. 

Well, you’re never going to believe this, it’s happening again! 

According to the trailer for The Princess Switch: Switched Again (incredible title, I know), the sequel revolves around Margaret, the Duchess of Montenegro’s coronation and a lover from the other side of the world coming back into her life. Honestly, at this point, I’m not even ashamed to admit I could not be more excited. 

Check out the incredible trailer, where Vanessa Hudgens does three accents, here:

The Princess Switch: Switched Again hits Netflix on the 19th of November so let’s cancel all our plans then, shall we?