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The Weeknd & Bella Hadid Might Be Dating Again AKA This Can’t Get Any Messier

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Important celeb ‘ship update: Selena Gomez is dating Justin Bieber and The Weeknd is possibly dating Bella Hadid. Yes, again. The past is repeating itself, everyone is switching boyfys left, right and centre and it’s all kinds of petty.


While only days ago we were reporting that The Weeknd was dating JB’s ex Yovanna Ventura, guess what? The world turns fast so KEEP UP, KEEP UP.

This is what’s happening now. In the ultimate switcharoo, The Weeknd has got his sweet revenge on Selena after she went running back to the Biebs following their split. The ‘Starboy‘ singer is having secret hangs with his ex, aka Victoria’s Secret model Bella.

It wasn’t just some innocent meet-up either, The Weeknd was spotted leaving Bella’s apartment in New York City, so the two of them are as good as back together/ at least banging.

While Justin and Selena aka Jelena continue to be glued at the hip. They were even recently seen visiting one of their old date haunts in Lake Balboa, Los Angeles.

I guess all’s fair in love and petty, messy hot people drama.

Twitter is divided over the celebs running back to their exes: