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It’s Official! There’s A New ‘Twilight’ Book Coming & Let The Memes Begin

ICYMI, Twilight fans have been losing their minds after Twilight author Stephanie Meyer put a countdown on her website, with many fans speculating she was finally going to release Midnight Sun.

The book, told from Edward Cullen’s perspective, was leaked in 2008 and Meyer halted the writing of it, saying at the time she’d return to it when she was sure “everyone’s forgotten.”

Judging by the fact Meyer’s website completely crashed when the news was announced, we’d say Twilight fans never truly forgot.

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In a pre-recorded video for Good Morning America, Meyer said she was very excited to “finally, FINALLY” announce the release of Midnight Sun on August 4th.

“It’s a crazy time right now and I wasn’t sure it was the right time to put this book out, but some of you have been waiting for just so, so long it didn’t seem fair to make you wait anymore,” Meyer said.

While this may be great news in a year full of shit news, as always the best part has been the memes and tweets.

Here are some of the best tweets from Twilight fans about Midnight Sun:

And somewhere out there, we’re sure Robert Pattinson is screaming into a pillow.