Everyone Breathe Out, We Have Intel That Precious Vakoo Is Just Fine

The question on the nation’s lips after last night’s episode of The Bachelor had nothing to do with any intruders, with any “connection”, or with Dr. Matt’s very nice glasses that he absolutely needs.

No, the thing we were all wondering was: where is our girl Vakoo? Where is her thirst? Where is her unwavering self-belief? Where is the tulle?

In good news, model Vakoo, who was mysteriously absent during the second half of last night’s episode of The Bachelor, is safe.

She was spotted during the archery group date challenge we saw very little of. But here she is behind Mary:

mary the bachelor 2019

But then nothing. No flair. No red carpet. No hot pink. No unapologetic frothing over the handsome man with abs.

Taking to Instagram last night, Vakoo revealed that she was absent from the intruder portion of proceedings, the cocktail party and the rose ceremony, because of conjunctivitis.

“Conjunctivitis got the best of me before tonight’s rose ceremony 😭 But never fear, Matt gave me my rose off camera 😏🌹🙌”

Does that mean technically Vakoo got a rose after Chelsie and Sogand but before the other girls?

This could spell good things for the 23-year-old from Sydney. Maybe she and Dr. Matt will be catwalking out together in the final episode? Who knows?

What we do know is Vakoo, we don’t deserve you.