Since When Did Volleys Cost $65? Is This Some Kind Of Sick Joke?

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Whatever happened to Volleys? 

When I was in high school, fashion was everything. Even though we’d have to wear school uniforms for 99% of the time, it was crucial that your mufti day outfit was up to scratch.

There was an art to dressing up for mufti day. There was a fine line between flexing but not flexing too hard. While the shirts ranged from plain block-colour shirts to Jay Jay’s slogan tees, the majority of my peers (including myself) wore Volleys to tie our looks together. Why? Because you simply had to. 

Volleys Were Incredible


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It’s hard to explain the appeal of Volleys. A pair of dirty Volleys was synonymous with the height of coolness. But, ultimately, I had no idea why. Let’s break it down.

For Starters, They Were Comfortable

I suppose we should start by addressing the fact that the shoes were probably the most comfortable thing a teenager had ever stepped in. Even though they didn’t last as long as the other sneakers in your wardrobe, they were shockingly comfortable. It was like stepping on a cloud. Maybe this was just in comparison to the black-brick of a school shoe that we wore for most of our time at school, but still.  

The Volleys Design Was So Chic


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The design was very appealing. It was shockingly low-key, which was the aesthetic that many of us were trying to go for it would seem. Basketball shoes and Crocs were too much of a statement on mufti day. So, to ensure you didn’t accidentally open yourself up to bullies, a Volley moment was definitely the op.

They Were Affordable


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Finally, and I suppose, most importantly, they were affordable. I went through so many phases as a teenager. As a result, I don’t blame my parents for not wanting to fork out copious amounts of money when I fixated on one thing. But, as Volleys sat at the $20-$30 price point, they were the perfect outlet for me to express myself with parental approval. 

But In 2020…

This brings me to the issue. When the fuck did Volleys become so expensive? According to Volley’s official website, Volleys now start at $49.99 and can go up to $139.99, with the classic standard shoe that we all used to wear in high school costing $64.95. Is this some kind of sick joke? 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am aware that the price for Volleys is still cheap in comparison to other shoes. But, still. When I saw this price point, my heart literally stopped. Is this what inflation has come to? Are kids still able to afford this? Are they still cool? Please, someone, I need answers. 


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We reached out to Volleys to get a comment on the price influx and the general manager of Volley Australia, John Szwede, said:

“Equally as the minimum of chips has risen across the decades so too has our pricing inflation and tax are always certainties. We have however kept our international model at a very modest price considering the improvements we have made all for under $50 with stronger canvas uppers, more robust eyelets and better fit and comfy innersole to match. This year we trialed our black label project across the deuce and overgrip ranges. With natural leathers and natural rubber soles our styles like for like are much cheaper than the majority of our competitors in this field. We feel Volley is superior in fitting and in comfort and fabrication of these shoes. Our shoes go through various levels of testing both locally and offshore with SGS testing labs we test for flex, wear testing, colour fastness, and tearing to name a few we set aggressive targets to meet on all products. Volley prides itself on being accessible for all the great people of Australia and also those beyond our land. So the only difference now is we offer more than we ever have before.”

I mean, fair enough?

Speaking of iconic high school fashion, remember the face-off pants? Gosh, I miss ’em.