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12 Really, Really Weird Things Only Aussies Would Do

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Us Aussies are a weird bunch. Honestly.

Like, how many times do you walk into your local Woolies/Coles and not even bat an eyelid at someone picking at some ‘free’ grapes while not wearing any shoes? And I bet if someone said the words ‘barking dog man’ you’d know exactly who they were referring to.

So speaking of things Aussies do (that most of us consider totally normal), we’ve rounded up some of the weirdest.

1. Steal a traffic cone off the side of the road to take home

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Still a better love story than the Honey Badger.

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2. Hang a sack of wine to a clothesline

3. Drink alcohol out of a shoe

4. Mix chocolate and Vegemite

5. Make coffee in an avocado

6. Have a national debate about sausage sandwiches, even getting the prime minister to weigh in

7. Have an obsession with really, really big things

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Let's pretend I'm on holidays 😬 #bigbanana

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8. Saying “Yeah, nah” to disagree with something

9. Leave a beer out for Santa instead of milk and cookies

10. Shorten every phrase possible

11. Walk around barefoot like it’s no big deal

12. And raise very weird Aussie figures to cult icon status

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