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The 5 Most Fascinating Theories About Season 2 Of ‘You’

As most of us have now seen the second season of Netflix thriller You, all there’s left to do is discuss all the bonkers theories from the wild season.

The final episode ended on a massive cliffhanger, so there’s no shortage of theories on Reddit and Twitter. With series star Penn Badgley accidentally spilling that season three is probably on its way, we’ve found the most fascinating predictions about what’s to come.

Spoilers ahead!

Here are 5 fascinating theories about season two of You:

#1. The Neighbour At The End Is Joe’s Mum

This is probably the most discussed theory to emerge from the season and it makes a lot of sense. At the end of the season, Love and Joe move to the suburbs and we see a woman through the fence, as Joe narrates, “When I found myself here, locked in, I thought this was the end,” Joe began. “But that’s not how destiny works, is it? This is just the beginning…because this is where I had to be – exactly where I had to be to meet you.”

Some would assume that this will be a new love interest for season three but many fans reckon it’s Joe’s mum, who is featured a whole lot in the second season, as we learn she tried to leave Joe’s dad for domestic abuse, before Joe shot him and eventually got sent to a boys’ home. We have no clue what happened to the mum, so could the whole series be leading to this very moment? Twitter thinks so.

This theory is also popular on Reddit. “I think that his neighbor that he was spying on is his mother. The way he spoke it seemed like he purposely chose this house because of who lived next door,” user @organicgirl811 wrote.

“Maybe it’s just me but the woman he was watching had wrinkles and older looking skin….matched with all of the flashbacks he has throughout the season, it makes sense. She sent him away and never came back like she said she would, so he goes looking for her when he realizes he is stuck in this new life with Love.”

Tbh, I’m sold on this theory because another love interest for Joe sounds exhausting.

#2. The Real Will Bettelheim Has Stockholm Syndrome

There’s clearly something rather odd going on with the real Will Bettelheim, who after being held captive by Joe and then released, didn’t contact the police about his kidnapping. Instead, he was far too chill about the entire ordeal.

Reddit user @HelpWheresMyDad has a theory about what will become of Will in the third season:

“I have a feeling that Will is going to return from the Philippines in Season 3 and there will be a couple of episodes dedicated to exploring his Stockholm Syndrome. He clearly is more attached to Joe than he should be and the last few moments of the final episode of season 2 show Joe getting a postcard from Will saying something along the lines of “haven’t heard from you in a while”. My theory is that Will returns in season 3 obsessed with Joe and becomes his stalker, maybe even in a copycat style with the plexiglass cage or something.”

#3. Ellie Will Come Back To Avenge The Death Of Her Sister

Ellie went through a lot during the season, being told by Joe that her sister Delilah had died at the hands of the Quinn family, so she is overdue for revenge. Fans reckon Ellie will be back to hunt down Joe and Love and wreak havoc. Bring it.

#4. Love Killed Her Husband

As we’ve previously mentioned, on Reddit there’s a popular theory that Love’s husband did not die of natural causes, rather she poisoned him after he said he didn’t want kids. As user @byrd82 wrote:

“I just finished watching S2 and had a thought I’d like to share regarding Love and her previous marriage. When Love’s ex-husband tells her he is not interested in having a family, she is disappointed. He becomes ill shortly after. We are told he was ill with a stomach issue, and that after ‘tests’ they never find out what killed him.

“Two main plot points of this story are that Love is a baker that often bakes when she is frustrated, and that she also desires a family. Does anyone else believe Love likely poisoned her previous husband because he would not give her a family? We are given a clue when Joe is presented the muffins in the cage and is fearful of poison.”

#5. Joe Will Kill Love After Their Baby Is Born

There was a moment in the final episodes of You that struck me. Before Love told Joe that she was pregnant, he looked like he was about to stab her but the idea of her being pregnant with his child changed all that. So once the baby is born, will Love stick around? It seems unlikely.

User @thehagridaethetic wrote: “I’m sure i’m probably not the first with this theory but my thought is that Joe is playing the long con with Love, and is fully planning to kill her as soon as he gets what he wants (their baby). I think as soon as either the baby is born or as soon as it’s no longer an infant in need of a Love, he’ll kill her, with idea of replacing her with a new “better” mom for his precious little girl. Further feeding into his whole fantasy of recreating the perfect family he missed out on.”

Would this be surprising coming from a high-key psychopath like Joe? Not really.