Just Hear Me Out: Charles On ‘Younger’ Is Trash

Every fan of Younger will identify firmly as Team Charles or Team Josh and last week’s series’ finale is testing everyone’s loyalties.

The season finale ended with Josh saying goodbye to Liza, before Charles proposed to her. Before Liza could reply, they were interrupted so a massive question mark looms over what her answer will be next season.

But first up, let me just say that Charles’ proposal sucked. He didn’t even get down on one knee or ask Liza properly, instead suggesting a location for their honeymoon as a confusing segue. Also proposing at someone else’s wedding is just tacky.

I wasn’t the only one to feel a bit miffed by it all:

Charles lack-lustre proposal was actually the perfect endnote for what we’ve seen from the character all season. This season we’ve learnt that Charles is trash and Liza deserves better.

Before y’all get mad, please note I was originally Team Charles. While I can acknowledge that Josh is human perfection and might be the most attractive man on this earth, when it came to who is right for Liza, my loyalties lay with Charles.

I didn’t care so much about the fact Liza and Charles were a similar age, both had children or had been through painful divorces. It was that Charles could meet Liza’s intellect and shared her passions, which I saw as a commonality that Josh could never match.

But whether the writers intended to do this or not, Season 6 has seen Charles become the series villain. Keeping Liza in the dark while starting up a competing publishing company, Mercury, Charles supported Zane trying to steal Millennial’s authors which was unforgivable.

Charles’ actions were calculated and selfish. This not only showed a dark side we’d never seen before, but Liza’s lack of outrage on the matter and the fact all was forgiven so quickly uncovered a very different Liza to what we’ve seen in previous seasons.

What has happened to our Liza?!

Charles has tainted her spirit. For someone who made such a huge to deal when he found out Liza had lied about her age in the first episode of Season 5, Charles lied to Liza with surprising ease.

Aside from becoming untrustworthy, Charles just doesn’t bring out the best in Liza. It makes me think back to how Liza was with Josh and just like that, I’m Team Josh again.

Since breaking up at the end of Season 3, a lot has changed for Liza and Josh. While together, most of their issues came down to them clashing over Josh longing to be a father, as Liza already has a daughter and felt like she was past that life stage.

Well… Josh now has a daughter but is still in love with Liza. It’s meant to be.

We longed for Liza to get with Charles for four seasons but now that they’re together, by comparison Charles just doesn’t fit into Liza’s life. At the same time Josh has matured into the man Liza always wanted him to be with a flourishing career.

There are a few things that make the perfect boyfriend but personally for me, it’s them making an effort with my friends. Josh is practically BFFs with Maggie, Lauren and Kelsey.

During her relationship with Josh, Liza was constantly comparing Charles to Josh — wondering if things would be easier dating someone who is her age. She’s now been there and done that.

If this series taught us anything it’s that age is only a number. Oh, and Josh is just so fucking hot.

Give me my fantasy…