365 days this day sequel trailer

Netflix’s Horny ‘365 Days’ Sequel Has A Premiere Date & The Trailer Is Fabulous Filth

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If you cast your minds back to the middle of 2020, when the pandemic was just beginning, a little Polish film came along that provided the welcome distraction and escape we all needed: Netflix’s 365 Days.

Wildly popular, the original film left viewers divided for its controversial storyline, which saw a Sicilian mobster Massimo (Michele Morrone) kidnap a Polish woman Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka), keeping her captive for a year until she fell in love with him.

The plot was deeply problematic, but there was something strangely watchable about the movie, even if the protagonist Massimo did keep saying for no apparent reason: “Are you lost, baby girl?”

The sequel appears to be called 365 Days: This Day which ugh… umm… OK! That’s a decision that was definitely made! I would have pitched something along the lines of 365 Days: Baby Girl Found, or 365 Days: Massimoré. Just some suggestions!

The follow-up film will feature Massimo and Laura getting married, Massimo’s gangstas ties putting pressure on their relationship, and a love triangle will develop. The sequel adds another handsome man for Massimo to compete with: a fella named Nacho (played by Simone Susinna) who attempts to capture Laura’s affections.

It’s worth noting that the movie’s storyline is a small part of the film’s allure, it’s the steamy sex scenes that sent fans wild when the first movie dropped in 2020. One scene in particular on a boat might be imprinted in my brain forever. Between the success of the original 365 Days, the first season of Bridgerton, and last year’s Sex/Life, Netflix viewers clearly have a thirst for this brand of entertainment.

The age of TV and movies catering to horny women is upon us — and it feels good.

The sequel drops on Netflix on 27 April.

Watch the trailer for 365 Days: This Day below: