Bachelorette Angie Has Very Calmly Responded To The Jessika Power ‘Beef’ Story

After Jessika Power from Married at First Sight came out with some scathing criticism of Angie Kent, our Bachy has responded to the influencer’s comments with the composure of a reality TV queen.

Doing promo this morning for the premiere of The Bachelorette tonight, Angie has been repeatedly asked about her so-called feud with Jessika. Speaking to Fitzy & Wippa on Nova 96.9, she actually responded with a lot of understanding.

“I’ve never used the word ‘Jess’ and ‘trash’ [in the same sentence] in my life,” Angie explained. “I might be brutally honest, but I’d never tear down another woman. I don’t have time to do that.

“I think what happened is maybe she’s seen an article where I said, ‘I love reality trash, like MAFS,’ or ‘car crash [TV]’. And she’s like, ‘How dare you say it’s trash, look what you’re doing?’ I’m like, ‘Girl, I love reality TV!’

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Talking to the Daily Mail earlier this week, Angie apparently called MAFS “super trash“. That led this year’s MAFS villain, Jess, to lash out both on Instagram and to The Daily Tele.

“Angie you’re dating like TWENTY ONE guys at once, so which one is more trash?” Jess wrote on Insty.

And to the Tele, she really ripped in, describing Angie as a “bogan and a hypocrite”:

“She thinks she’s better than us. She got her start by drinking on TV [Gogglebox] and now that she’s the Bachelorette, she wants to look down on people. Please, she’s dating 21 guys at once. She’s just a bogan and a hypocrite.

“She just wants fame — she’s been on Gogglebox, I’m a Celebrity and now The Bachelorette … as if she couldn’t find love already?”

You can watch Angie’s comments about Jessika this morning below.

New Bachelorette Angie responds to MAFS Jess diss

The Bachelorette Australia vs MAFS… fight! Angie has responded to Jess's accusation 🙈💋👊

Posted by Fitzy & Wippa on Tuesday, 8 October 2019


We stan a reality TV queen who responds to slurs on her character with empathy.

The Bachelorette starts tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 10, and we are not ready.