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There’s Been A Leaked List Of Potential Contestants For ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ & It Looks Juicy

Look, we know The Bachelorette isn’t even over yet, but it’s the time of year that other rejected Bachy contestants fly to Fiji for a second shot of love or maybe just a few tequila shots.

Bachelor In Paradise is due to start filming very soon and the Daily Mail and other gossip sites are reporting a leaked list of contestants from Matt Agnew and Angie Kent’s seasons who look set to appear in paradise.

While there are a few names which might make you say, ‘wait, who?’ the most exciting names that popped up on the list were Ciarran Stott and Abbie Chatfield.

Am I already dreaming of these two being together? Maybe.

Abbie was spotted Sunday afternoon at Brisbane airport flying to Fiji, and Ciarran openly said in interviews last week that he wouldn’t turn down a Bachelor In Paradise opportunity.

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And if you aren’t super excited about watching Matt and Angie’s cast-offs find love, the list includes some other Bachy album – notably Keira Maguire returning to BIP  after her on-off romance with Jarrod Woodgate, which first started on the beaches of Fiji.

Self-confessed stage-5 clinger Jamie Doran also looks set to be on the hunt for love in Fiji and let’s just hope he finds people who aren’t “ingenuine” this time around.

Check out the full leaked list. 

Honestly, I can’t wait.