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People Are Calling Out Ciarran’s Double Standards On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

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Fresh from dumping Jess which resulted in her leaving Bachelor In Paradise, Ciarran is back on his bullshit tonight. This time he has an issue with his ex Renee moving on with intruder Matt, even though Ciarran’s happily coupled up with Kiki.

Upon Matt’s arrival, he immediately asked Renee on a date and Ciarran quickly labelled him a snake. “Before paradise he was messaging Renee back and forth, calling each other,” Ciarran said in a separate interview. “I’m like ‘bro, if you want to get with her just let me know, don’t try and hide things from me and be a bit of a snake.'”

It should be noted that this happened after Renee and Ciarran had split, so it was kind of like Ciarran and Kiki cracking on before the show, hey? This whole situation just screams double standards, as just last week Ciarran unapologetically cracked on with Renee’s good friend Jess in paradise.

Later at the Bula Banquet, Ciarran tried to pressure Matt into conforming to some ‘bro code’ and telling him that he should have ‘sought permission’ (wtaf??) to ask out Renee, but Matt wasn’t having it, telling the table, “Ciarran’s a mate I’ve met three months ago…it’s not a brother, it’s not a lifelong mate.”

Since entering paradise, Renee has spent most of her time upset about Ciarran or comforting other women upset about Ciarran, so it’s about time she gets a chance at happiness.

Most people in paradise are over Ciarran’s BS. “I think Ciarran has double standards when it comes to Renee,” Mary said in her voxxie. Alisha added in a separate interview, “Ciarran has just made it very apparent to everyone in paradise that he doesn’t want anyone touching anything that he has previously touched — which is gross because it treats people like property.”

Amen, sister.

Viewers are over Ciarran’s double standards when it comes to how he treats women vs. how he expects to be treated:

This isn’t the first time that viewers have seen double standards at play when it comes to Ciarran. As he has drifted from different girls — first Cass, then Abbie, then Jess and now Kiki — comparisons were drawn to fellow contestants’ judgemental reactions to Abbie pursuing Ciarran in the first few episodes of BIP. While Abbie was slut-shamed, Ciarran’s “naughty boy” antics were laughed off by the other women on the show.

To be clear, no one should be slut-shamed. Everyone on BIP is on holiday and can hook up with whoever, however Ciarran doesn’t seem to care about how many women he hurts in the process.

If you ask me, it’s time for Ciarran to pull his head in and grow TF up.