Timm From ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ On The Boys’ Brawl Being A “F*cking Mistake”

Timm Hanly has released an Instagram video explaining his actions after last night’s toxic Bula Banquet on Bachelor In Paradise.

The episode which saw the boys’ tempers flare after an argument between Ciarran, Timm, and Matt broke out, left fans of the show disgusted with the actions from the men involved.

Centred around the “bro code” and Ciarran’s annoyance that Matt didn’t ask his permission for asking ex-girlfriend Renee Barrett out, a fight broke out amongst the boys towards the end of the night where they basically yelled in each other’s faces, all while making zero sense, and it was truly embarrassing.

Timm Hanly uploaded an Instagram video after the episode, taking responsibility for his part in the drama:

“I just want to jump on here and clarify that I don’t think women are objects,” Timm said. “I don’t think any of my actions over the two shows have shown me disrespecting women, I don’t make misogynistic comments, you don’t see me sleeping around. What I will say is that I will 100% own speaking out of line, I am a child sometimes, I act before I think.”

“The thing with Matt and Renee, it was just me being a bit too loyal to my friends and having tunnel vision on everything. I suppose you live and you learn, I watch this back and see that I made a f*cking mistake,” he continued.

“If someone’s made a mistake we don’t fight fire with fire, there’s no reason to jump on here and say nasty words to people. I understand it’s a TV show, but what you don’t see is me getting up first thing in the morning and apologising to Matt and Renee.”

Matt backed up Timm’s claims, leaving this comment under his video:

timm hanly bachelor in paradise

We can only hope all the bros had a cold shower and that tonight isn’t as chaotic.