“It Can Be Triggering.” ‘Bachelor’ Winners Luke And Ellie On Watching The Show Back

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After what seems like the shortest season yet, The Bachelors finale aired this week. We somehow followed four thousand romantic connections in the blink of an eye and now we know who chose who in the finale. 

Perhaps more importantly, we also now know who lasted beyond that spicy post-show period where the couples have to remain ‘in hiding’ so they don’t spoil the ending. And let me tell you I was well off with my predictions. But for good reason. 

You see, The Bachelor boys came into the Punkee studio at the start of the season to promote the show, and I’m gonna reveal some behind-the-scenes thoughts and theories here… because I was 1000% convinced Luke was single. He was just so peppy and was very quick to answer a question about how he likes to be asked out. He had big single energy, okay. 

@itspunkee luke’s enthusiasm makes me think he’s probs single 😬 #thebachelor #realitytv ♬ “Slut!” (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) – Taylor Swift

But it turns out I was well off the scent because Luke was literally the only bachelor who ended up in a serious relationship.

Yep, Wesley flopped at the finale and was rejected by the last woman standing and Ben picked Mckenna at the finale and she said yes … but then in the six months since filming wrapped their relationship went to tatters. 

So just Luke – the smiley ex-NRL country boy – has been the one to find love. And if you’ve been watching this season, you know exactly who he chose.


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Luke spotted Ellie on the first evening at the Bachelor mansion, even sharing a sneaky pash together that night. While there was a brief bit of rivalry when bachelor Ben started liking Ellie, things quickly returned to normal programming of Luke and Ellie falling in love.

It’s now been six months since they filmed the finale, and the two can finally go public with their relationship. But not before I interrupted their honeymoon period for a little chat. 

Luke Bateman and Ellie Rolfe on life after The Bachelors


My chat with Luke and Ellie – they were grinning the entire time. Image credit: Supplied.

Can you guys confirm that you are really together IRL?

Ellie: We are more in love than ever!

What was the hardest part of being on The Bachelors?

Luke: There was nothing hard about being the bachelor! In any sense. If you wanted to call something hard then it was tough being emotionally challenged every day and bringing energy when you’re tired. But that’s not hard, that’s just the bachelor’s responsibility! I had a whale of a time. Cutting timber for 12 hours a day is hard – this was not hard!

Ellie: I felt like I was a holiday for five weeks – a very stressful holiday – but still a holiday! But because I felt so strongly for Luke, not knowing when I was going to see him next was pretty hard. I felt secure in what we had, but it could be up to a week of not seeing each other. The unknown was challenging. 

Have you been watching the show together?

Luke: We haven’t even been allowed to be together! So Ellie would just message me when a new episode was out. 

Ellie: It was definitely harder to watch it back than it was to be in it. Now we’re in an exclusive relationship and it’s six months after filming, watching it back was harder because I’m so protective of our special connection. Watching it can be triggering in ways, but it is beautiful to see our journey and our highlights. 

How are the heartbroken boys doing?

Ellie: I don’t really know the ins and outs of [Ben and Mckenna’s] relationship, but I am close with Mckenna. They are beautiful people and sometimes things just don’t work out. They gave it a really good go, and that’s all you can really do. 

Luke: I messaged Ben to check in and he’s going well. He’s disappointed about the relationship, but that’s life sometimes – things don’t always work out! Wes is okay, he’s keen for Christmas and continuing his search for love. 

Ellie: He’s pretty resilient and positive, Wes. I feel like he’ll be back on the horse soon!

What are your plans now you’re out and free?

Ellie: We’re heading to WA to spend Christmas with my family and friends for a few weeks. Luke has never been to Perth so I’m ready to show him that West is best! And then in January, we’re moving in together. 

Luke: Hoping to do a bit of travelling together too, enjoying our relationship and being able to walk outside together!

Because I have to ask, if you could go on any other reality show, what would it be?

Ellie: We’re gonna go on The Amazing Race

Luke: I would love to go on The Amazing Race! I have no interest in doing a show on my own. I just want to do something together. Because obviously we did this show [The Bachelors] together, and it was a shared experience in some sense but very separate in others so it would be nice to do the whole experience together. So something like The Amazing Race…

Ellie: …or The Block?!

Luke: Nah, I’m not doing The Block! That would END US. 

Ellie: It won’t end us if you do what I say!

Image credit: Network 10 and @oceanellie__