the bachelors finale predictions couples still together ben mkenna wesley brea luke ellie

Which Of ‘The Bachelors’ 2023 Couples Are Still Together?

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It honestly feels like The Bachelors has only just begun, but the Season Finale is almost here. As in, it’s airing tonight

In some ways, it’s felt like more of a trainwreck than the last season (with the Aussie version of MGK) but I have a feeling that these Bachies are more likely to come away with ~true love~. That’s not exactly a high bar, since Jed McIntosh was the only one to stay with his pick Alésia-Françoise Delaney… and they called it quits pretty soon after the show wrapped.

While I’m still salty that we didn’t get the Golden Bachelor or The Bachelorette this year, I have to admit that the show has been mildly entertaining. We had a full-on makeout sesh in Episode 1, a love triangle, love letters and many, many conversations about sex. 

The only thing more interesting than a Bachelor finale is trying to decipher which Bachie is still with their winning pick. So, seeing as the final episode drops tomorrow, I thought I’d chuck a few of my predictions for the “most romantic season yet”. I have to preface this with a disclaimer: I don’t have an insider scoop, I’m literally just word-vomiting out all my thoughts. 

Take this with a grain of salt – but here’s who I reckon will win The Bachelors and which happy couples will go the distance. 

Ben and Mckenna.

I think awkward Bachie Ben is going to seal the deal with Mckenna as his winner. 

If you cast your mind back to Episode 1, Mckenna truly was the belle of the ball. She’s the total package, with the Bachies seeing how patient, kind and intelligent she has been over the past few weeks.

the bachelors finale predictions couples still together ben mkenna wesley brea luke ellie

Mckenna and Ben on The Bachelors. Image credit: Channel 10, The Bachelors

Ben’s other choice is Amelia – who originally seemed like a front-runner – but Mckenna’s deep connection with Ben seems to trump it all. When Ben went to meet Mckenna’s family, he told her mum that his first conversation with Mckenna was the best he’d ever had… so it’s not looking good for Amelia. 

The way Mckenna gazed at Ben during the dinner with his potential new in-laws also showed how smitten she is with the Bachie. I think these two will go the distance and stay together. If they don’t, I’m manifesting that Mckenna will become our Bachelorette in 2024.

Luke and Ellie. 

Lumberjack Luke has been obsessed with Ellie from the moment he saw her, so I’m calling it: Luke and Ellie are going to live happily ever after. The couple (Lulie? Elke? I’ll work on their ship name) had a cheeky pash in Episode 1, but there was ~drama~ when Ben (yep, one of the other Bachelors) had a fleeting interest in the lovely lady.


Luke and Ellie on an overnight date. Image credit: Channel 10, The Bachelors

But, as we all know now, Ben has his heart set on Mckenna (or Amelia), so I’m predicting a smooth sail to the end for the pair. Ellie has been doing the most to secure the final rose and while some fans believe she sabotaged any chance Aarthi had with Ben, I’d like to remind you that this isn’t a show about female friendships. She knows what she wants and she’s gonna get it by doing whatever it takes. 

Since these two had chemistry from the very beginning, I’m positive they’re currently sneaking around and trying to keep their relationship under wraps. It’s possible Luke and Ellie could become the next Laura and Matty J. 

Wesley and Brea.

Look, I know that Channel 10 had to do something drastic to try and drum up ratings, but plopping a virgin who has never had a girlfriend onto The Bachelor just didn’t feel like the right move. 

Wes is extremely religious and is only planning to live with his partner once they’re married. Of course, that meant we had a bunch of confessionals about the Bachie ladies talking about how important sex is to them, with some getting the hell outta there.

Brea has already been deemed the “winner” after Wes got rid of his runner-ups Natalie and Nella to focus on his new romance with her. It’s already seeming shaky though, because Brea is finally realising that Wes isn’t willing to compromise when it comes to his values and boundaries. 

the bachelors finale predictions couples still together ben mkenna wesley brea luke ellie

Wesley meeting Brea’s family during the in-law visit. Image credit: Channel 10, The Bachelors

When Brea and her family met Wes’ stepmother Baby, some serious shit went down. Baby and Wes have said he won’t budge on his strict religious values, and that means no sleepovers before marriage. She even accused Brea and her family of trying to “lower [his] standards” which makes me feel like Brea should RUN. 

I’m confident that these two won’t go the distance, even if they do end up ‘together’ during the finale. 

The Bachelors finale airs on Channel Ten at 7.30pm on Wednesday, or catch up on 10Play.

Image credits: Channel 10, The Bachelors