17 Things We Should Retire From Dating Apps In 2022

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It’s been nearly 10 whole years since Tinder burst on the scene and dating apps have only continued to grow in popularity over the last decade.

Whether you’re a Tinder tragic, a fan of Bumble, or you’re on Hinge with the promise of it being the app designed to be deleted, it’s safe to say if you’re single, you’ve ventured onto the apps at some stage.

With so much choice at our fingertips, it’s understandable there have been certain repetitive dating app bios and trends that have circulated over the years.

As we’ve entered the 2020s things have been, well, not great, and if you’re tired of the apps, you’re not alone. Whether it’s wanting to scream in the face of anyone who asks for your Snapchat, or whether you swear you’re about to delete them for good after matching with the same people for three years straight, it can be mentally draining to be trying to search for love or, really, hope, in a digitally-driven world.

Basically, it’s time for some of the common dating app trends to call it a day in 2022, if only for the hope of our increasingly fragile mental state.

Here are 17 things we need to stop doing on dating apps in 2022:

1. Fish photos.

Congrats on catching a dead fish. I didn’t need to see it.

Source: Junkee

2. The Myer-Briggs personality test.

I will never, ever Google what INTP means. It’s time to let it go.

3. Having the bio “I don’t use this, add me on Instagram/Snapchat” etc.

OK, then delete the app!

4. Calling women “Miss” or men “Mr”.

I’m not your teacher!

5. Profiles that are only full of group photos.

Especially if it’s all the same people in various photos – don’t make this detective work for me!

6. Uber ratings.

No one cares.

7. “Must have quality banter.”

No thanks.

8. Fake reviews from family/friends.

bad dating app bios

You know the ones… “A great guy – Sydney Morning Herald“, “A 10/10 – my Mum.” etc.

9. “Add me on Snapchat”.

No, I don’t need to see your dick after we barely had a chat. No, seriously. It’s OK. Put it away.

10. Any mention of coriander or pineapple on pizza.

We’re done. Let’s leave it in 2017.

11. “P.S. not my kid”

Then take them off your profile, you weirdo!

12. “Here for a good time, not a long time.”

Aren’t we all.

13. Asking weird questions in bios instead of giving any information about yourself.

bad dating app bios

14. Dropping your love language.

Uh yuh, we already know it’s physical touch.

15. Snapchat filters.

OK, I get the need for a filter to brush out a stray hormonal pimple that’s otherwise ruining your photo, but anything that turns you into a cartoon or a dog has gotta go.

16. “Two truths and a lie” humble-brags.

Congrats on either meeting a celeb or getting arrested overseas.

17. And using dating apps as an excuse to get out your weird anger and self-esteem issues.

bad dating app bios

Have you tried therapy?