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‘Big Brother’ Saved Angela In An Eviction Twist & Viewers Are Living For It

Angela is by far the best thing about this season of Big Brother. That’s just a hard fact.

She has dominated every episode so far and viewers can’t help but stan. While housemates like Daniel, Talia and Kieran are getting on people’s nerves, the overwhelming consensus on Twitter is that Angela is carrying the entire show. We don’t deserve her.

The mother of two has found a huge legion of fans online, who love her for her tea-drinking and no-fucks-giving ways. On Sunday’s episode she pulled off one of the biggest gameplays of the season, nominating challenge threat Talia — who was later evicted.

This week Angela has solidified herself as the one to beat after winning two challenges in a row, but last night her winning streak came undone (literally) in a challenge where housemates had to spin around wrapping themselves in rope. Our queen got too dizzy to finish it, and sadly Ian won and then nominated her.

With Chad, Marissa and Angela up for nomination, the writing was on the wall. The housemates seized the chance to evict Angela and she received the most votes. As she said goodbye to everyone and walked down the corridor towards the exit, all of a sudden Angela was ushered into the diary room and told she wasn’t actually evicted. Instead, Angela will stay in a secret bunker (with so much tea!) and watch the housemates every move from a viewing room.

I don’t always find twists like this to be fair — five housemates left before Angela and they never got a second chance — but the show is smart to know that the series without Angela would have suffered. People are thanking the reality TV gods that Angela was saved.

Big Brother saved Angela and viewers are living for it:

Big Brother returns Sunday night at 7.00pm on Channel Seven.