big brother australia 2021 housemates

Meet The 2021 Cast Of ‘Big Brother’ Housemates

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While the dust has only just settled over the 2021 season of Married at First Sight, it’s time to forget all about those messy contestants as a whole host of new housemates have dropped for the incoming season of Big Brother.

After last year’s rather disappointing mix of extremely white and basic Big Brother housemates (minus Angela who saved us all!), you’d hope that Channel 7 would cast some more exciting people this year. And thank the reality TV lords because all in all, I’m actually impressed with this year’s batch of housemates. There is way more diversity and they just sound like super interesting people, who will hopefully make great TV when the new season premieres on April 26.

So what are you waiting for?! It’s time to meet them all!

Meet the 2021 cast of Big Brother housemates:

Ari, 22, NSW

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Ari is a master manipulator from Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and plans to use his high intelligence and ambition to win Big Brother. He wants to be 10 steps ahead of everyone else, faking friendships, and using his years of studying law, communications, and neuropsychology to charm everyone. Ari reckons his biggest fear in life is “driving a boring car, to a boring job and coming home to a boring house and mortgage.” He’s driven by power and money, and he has big dreams of becoming Australia’s youngest Prime Minister. Yikes. It looks like we’ve got a villain on our hands, fam.

Charlotte, 24, QLD

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Charlotte is a stylist from Brisbane who loves to be the centre of attention. She lives in cheetah print, refers to herself as “Princess Char”, and says her biggest downfall in the Big Brother house will be how she can’t function without a good night’s sleep and regular naps. Big mood.

Christopher, 37, QLD

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Another Brisbanite, but instead of pulling fashion looks, Christopher is turning magic tricks. That’s right, we have a magician in the house. Christopher is a creator and co-star of The Naked Magicians, which was the first Australian magic show to headline its own residency on the Las Vegas strip. With his years of experience fooling the masses, Christopher can think quickly on his feet and has well-honed powers of manipulation.

Christopher sees his position in the house as becoming a charming, funny, “I don’t trust you, but I want to sleep with you” villain. Umm, OK. But he’s not just there to win Big Brother, as Christopher would love to meet the woman of his dreams in the house. This guy is sure to stir cause some debate.

Jess, 28, VIC

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Fremantle Dockers AFLW recruit Jess is a competitive force ready to tackle the competition. Previously playing as a defender/midfielder for North Melbourne, along with currently working as a PE teacher, Jess is sure to dominate physical challenges this season. But don’t write her off as some meathead, Jess’ bubbly nature will see her make strong connections in the house and she says she prides herself on playing an honest game. If she were to win Big Brother, Jess says she would buy a house for herself and her cat, Larry George. A woman after my own heart.

Max, 29, QLD

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Like Jess, Max is another challenge beast to watch out for. As a four-time New Zealand Ironman Champion, this elite athlete will be a gun at endurance challenges and always plays to win. Max is currently single, so is looking forward to making new connections in the house — but he can’t stand people who are selfish or rude.

Michael, 29, WA

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Michael is a smiling assassin who presents himself as an awkward, dorky guy from Perth, but can be calculated, cunning, and ready to make ruthless moves to advance his position in the game. Michael still lives at home with his mum, which has prevented him from finding love. He’s looking to find someone to go on adventures with and to err, “encourage him to behave like an adult”. No thanks!

Mitchell, 26, QLD

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Mitchell is sure to be one of the house’s quirkiest characters. This 2D animator from Cairns has a passion for bird watching, foraging, and is low key obsessed with platypuses — to the point where he even has the Australian native animal tattooed on his body. Mitchell reckons that if he won Big Brother, he would use the money to buy land in the Daintree Rainforest to protect the area from developers. Aww, we stan Mitchell!!

Renata, 45, SA

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Renata isn’t a regular mum, she’s a cool mum. Born in Lithuania, Renata moved to Adelaide in 2007 and is currently working as a flight attendant, while studying nursing. She’s a busy lady! Renata got married and had two children at a young age, and while this hard-working opinionated mum has since gotten divorced, she counts her children as her greatest achievement. Renata says it like it is, which she says can make her unlikeable to some people. She hopes her fellow housemates are upfront and honest, as her pet peeves are fake people and pretenders.

Sid, 34, WA

big brother australia 2021 housemates

To say Sid is an overachiever would be a massive understatement. Born in London and raised in Kenya, Sid then spent his teenage years in Perth where he eventually became a high school art teacher. But that’s not all Sid does! As a gifted artist, he was a finalist in The Lester Prize for portraiture in 2020 and has had his work exhibited at The Art Gallery of Western Australia. He also works as a music producer and has collaborated with the likes of Meg Mac, Kimbra, and even John Legend. Damn, Sid! Have a day off!

Christina, 22, VIC

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Melbourne flight attendant Christina had her career put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which means it’s the perfect time to go into the Big Brother house. Christina was born in Israel and has a Russian background, and she migrated to Australia with her family when she was 10 years old. She plans on giving back to her family if she wins the prize money. Christina is single and ready to mingle, and her game plan for the season is to establish emotional connections with as many people as possible and to lose the first few challenges so she’s not considered a threat. Smart move, tbh.

Mary, 56, VIC

big brother australia 2021 housemates

If you recognise Mary, it’s probably because you follow Married at First Sight’s Martha Kalifatidis on Instagram or watch her MAFS spin-off show — yep, that’s right, Mary is Martha’s mum. Mary features heavily on Martha’s social media, along with making her own cooking videos on her Instagram. As a talented cook, Mary plans on winning the house over with her delicious recipes, claiming, “I want to get all of those bastards fat”. Part of Mary’s strategy is not revealing that she has a famous daughter to prevent any of the housemates treating her differently.

Mary plans on donating her winner’s prize to a children’s charity and an animal shelter, before putting the rest towards gifts for her sister and her three children.

Carlos, 39, WA

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Carlos is an international teacher from Colombia who fell in love with Australia while on vacay in 2010. He is now an Australian citizen living in Perth, and this loud and energetic Latino is described as “loco” by his friends – he even drinks 14 cups of coffee every single day. Carlos reckons his big heart and optimistic outlook will make him stand out in the house and he hopes the other housemates will find his positivity infectious.

Carlos is determined to win Big Brother, so he and his partner can use the prize money to start a family. Wholesome!!

Marley, 26, VIC

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Hello, basketball hunk! While born and raised in Melbourne, Marley has spent his recent years playing college basketball in the US, after he won a scholarship to Pepperdine University. Since returning home, Marley now plays for the Dandenong Rangers in the NBL1, along with working as a support worker and psychosocial recovery coach in the disability industry.

His approach to Big Brother is all about sending good vibes, and while he naturally thrives on competition, he is also looking forward to having fun. With a face like that, Marley is sure to be a bit of a heartthrob in the house, but hands off ladies (me, I’m ladies): Marley actually has a long-term girlfriend, who is also a professional athlete, and she will be watching Marley from the US.

Katie, 27, NSW

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Katie is a trainer and podcaster from Sydney’s Northern Beaches who describes herself as a “hype girl”. Don’t we all. She is well-equipped to dominate challenges, as an ex-beach sprinter who became a world champion when she was just 19. However, Katie wants to show Australia that there’s more to her than just fitness, as she is a self-professed empath and looking to make real connections.

Nick, 29, SA

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Nick is a lovable larrikin from Adelaide, and while he’s easy-going and laidback in nature, he has a fiery competitive streak. Nick’s game plan is simply to make people laugh and to have a great time. He will sorely miss his fiancé Lara and pet Staffy Edwina while in the house and plans on spending his winner’s money on a beach house.

Tilly, 21, NSW

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Tilly can often be discounted as a blonde bimbo, so she plans on using this assumption to her advantage by playing that role so people underestimate her. In reality, Tilly is a communications student from Sydney’s Northern Beaches who is “book smart” but “street dumb”.  Tilly lists her faults as having a short attention span, no filter, can put her foot in her mouth at times, and she lacks the physical fitness needed for most challenges.

If Tilly wins, she will put the prize money towards her parents’ mortgage, donate to an animal charity, and start her own business.

Lil (aka Flex Mami), 26, NSW

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Lil could arguably be included in the celebrity season of Big Brother, as she already has a huge following under her stage name Flex Mami. Lil is a successful presenter, DJ, podcaster, and entrepreneur, and she even nabbed the 2020 E! People’s Choice Award for Australian Social Star of the Year. She will be tough competition with her solid fanbase, but Lil doesn’t have a strategy heading into the house – instead she is open to letting the experience happen naturally. While Lil is confident and capable of connecting with others, she gets annoyed easily at people who can’t articulate themselves or hold interesting conversations. Same gurl.

Brenton, 31, NSW

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Brenton is an account manager from Sydney who describes himself as a go-getter, who plays to win. “I don’t go into anything to lose,” Brenton says. “I’m going to use every skill I’ve got, whether it’s charming them with cooking or charming them physically. There’s not a single challenge that’s going to break me.” Along with playing a dedicated game, as Brenton is “very single” and you guessed it, he is open to finding love in the house.

Melissa, 33, SA

big brother australia 2021 housemates

A country mum through and through, Melissa and her partner Ryan are sheep farmers from South Australia. After a few years of battling everything from drought to bushfires, the couple are barely hanging on and Melissa is hoping winning Big Brother will save her family farm. This is no easy task, as Melissa will be leaving her three young children at home for the first time, but she intends on being a big player and sees herself in a leader role, with the plan to target weaker housemates.

Daniel, 48, VIC

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Daniel is a real estate mogul from Geelong, so he’s probably the least trustworthy person in the whole house. The single father-of-two is outspoken, blunt, and antagonistic but also admits to being a big softie at heart. Despite dropping out of high school in Year 10, Daniel built a successful real estate business, now owns a $500,000 Ferrari, and has even released a tell-all book about his life.

Sarah Jane, 66, NSW

big brother australia 2021 housemates

The oldest housemate in the house, Sarah Jane has an impressive resume as an entrepreneur, author, and antique jewellery dealer from Sydney’s inner west. The married mother-of-two found international fame in 2014 when her daughter posted a photo of Sarah Jane wearing a red Adidas tracksuit on Instagram, which then went viral with 66-year-old hailed a style icon. OK, I’m already OBSESSED with this woman!

Big Brother premieres on April 26 at 7:30pm on Channel 7.