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‘Big Brother’ Fans Are Devastated That Danny Got Blindsided On Last Night’s Episode

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If you come for the king, you best not miss. On last night’s Big Brother, season snake Ari finally knocked out arguably one of the biggest characters that the show has ever seen: Danny.

Danny was a fascinating housemate to watch. At first it seemed like he had no clue how to play the game, coming in with a bang and immediately getting people offside when he chose to eliminate ironman Max. Then slowly throughout the game, Danny forged strong alliances and friendships in the house, to the point where at some points he seemed untouchable — he was everyone’s ride-or-die.

While Danny had plans to take Marley and SJ to the finale, it all came crashing down when Ari and Christina won last night’s challenges, putting up SJ and Danny for eviction. Marley stayed loyal to Danny and voted to evict SJ, while Ari flipped on his pact with Danny and managed to convince Christina to vote to keep SJ, as he said she was the weaker player.

And just like that, Danny was blindsided.

Danny was far from thrilled with Ari, who he called a “liar” after being nominated. I love Danny, but that’s bit rich coming from a guy who has lied and schemed his way to top. Add to this, Danny spoke openly about his plan to get to the top three with SJ and Marley — so where did that leave Ari?

Some are commending Ari for seizing the chance to take down Danny before the finale:

But many other fans are devastated to see Danny go, after being such a dominating housemate all season: